CDN Meaning
18 Sep

The CDN Meaning and other related tech stuff

If you’ve never heard of the IT jargon “CDN” before, consider this your lucky day. Once you find out what the CDN meaning is, it becomes pretty clear what aspect in the tech world, this caters to. CDN or Content Delivery Network is an interdependent infrastructure of computers online that’s designed to quickly deliver web

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AppValley VIP App Customer Spotlight
19 Feb

AppValley VIP Application

The ability to host a ton of downloadable content, and also ensure speed of delivery, is key to the success of companies like AppValley.vip (a third party iOS App Store that hosts and distributes apps outside of Apple’s AppStore). With the hundreds of apps they host and allow users to download directly from their site,

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15 Sep

Customer Spotlight: AirVuz.com

In 2017, users bounce if content takes more than 3 seconds to load. So if you are delivering high-bandwidth content like streaming video, you need a CDN to make that happen in all geographical locations, all of the time. Not only that, but you need one that is easy to set up, has strong, available

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07 Aug

Customer Spotlight: ClutchPrep.com

Speed of video streaming is absolutely essential to a company providing on-demand video tutorials for college students. We’re talking about Clutchprep, an education company that helps college students pass their classes with a series of online video courses. Videos match actual college textbooks, so they are meaty in content and large in bandwidth. With several

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