Cheaper CDN
11 Jul

Here’s Why We’re Cheaper Than Your Current CDN

Fast internet is the future. Quick loading times, instant video streaming and an intuitive UI aren’t just nice to have. They are essential. As consumers firmly embrace the digital world, our habits are morphing. We research products online, shop on our phones and consume branded content at home and on the go. By this stage

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Video Hosting Service
11 Jul

Is Your Video Delivery Strategy Costing You Customers?

High quality digital video is an integral part of our lives. We watch it on our phones, tablets and laptops, in sickness and in health, to the tune of one hour and sixteen minutes a day. It’s a powerful tool. Before the rise of digital media, video belonged to businesses with big marketing budgets. Today,

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Blockchain for Cloud
06 Jun

How Blockchain Tech Is Changing Cloud Storage

Speed matters. End users want fast, seamless access to content. If your site is slow, they are just going to go to someone who can deliver. Just how quick do you need to be? A study from 2009 found that 47% of users expect a page to load in 2 seconds. If it didn’t load

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Content Delivery Network Features
11 Jan

BelugaCDN Becomes the First CDN with an App for Grafana

Miami, FL – 01/11/2017 – BelugaCDN.com, a provider of affordable high-performance IPv6/IPv4 Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, today announced that it has released its plugin for Grafana. This is the company’s latest step in providing customers tools for managing their CDN data. With BelugaCDN’s Grafana plugin, users can create custom dashboards using real-time CDN data,

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