CDN cost: Am I getting My Money’s Worth?

CDN Cost

Because Content Delivery Networks (CDN) have become so much more valuable today, company owners and website decision-makers have been on the lookout for the best CDN deals. Given how CDN cost doesn’t come cheap from a variety of providers, this is precisely why we’ve remained to be a crowd favorite. For starters, we offer feasible CDN for simple and affordable global content delivery. With that established, there really is no reason for you to not afford a CDN anymore. So how are CDN services priced? And is it best for you to just get free CDN?

This article will talk about what you need to know about how these services are priced.

Cheap CDN doesn’t mean a cheap service. You can use a CDN and only pay for what you need. This is why signing up with the pay as you go CDN model is important so that you don’t have to compromise from the quality of content delivery network.

How are these fees calculated?

A CDN cost differs greatly among providers. Each CDN provider has a list of fixed rates that are equivalent to traffic. If the traffic your website gets is less than 100TB a month, there isn’t generally that much room for negotiation. That means, the better your traffic is, the better your chances of getting a customized quote. Fortunately, we have a comprehensive price guide you can check out on our homepage. If you need more than 1PB of traffic per month, too, we’d be more than happy to give you a special rate.

CDN is usually priced differently depending on your provider of choice, but many have special features you need to pay for separately on top of the bundle you get. We understand that the CDN cost can be overwhelming to a lot of companies, that’s accurately why we continue to make sure we deliver in this department without compromising the services your website deserves.

Another thing to take note of with CDN cost is that rates can vary depending on the region. The HTTP and HTTPS factor plays a huge role, too, as HTTPS can be a tad more expensive because it’s more secure. Platform fees are a whole other consideration, as well. Today, CDN providers are a dime a dozen. What not every provider offers, though, is the capacity to cancel anytime.

As you can already tell the CDN industry is growing and pricing has been very dynamic and client-favorable. Per-TB rates are more economical, too. This makes it easier for website owners to pay only for a bundle that works best for them. At present, pricing models are monthly and pay-as-you-go, although there are providers that have custom rates for each customer.

If you’re still testing the waters, signing up with the best CDN would be even better than free CDN. Why? Our rates are virtually impossible to beat and you literally get the same competitive services our bigger competitors can give you—but at a fraction of the original price.

What am I paying for?

As mentioned, the CDN market is as dynamic as ever now. But more than the per-TB pricing, consider other crucial components, too. When shopping for providers, know that a CDN cost goes to managing your traffic and geo-distribution. You’re also paying for solutions, features and services, SSL certificates, customer support, CDN storage, origin shields, and so on.

Is free CDN promising?

It would be a lie to say that free CDN is outright unsafe and unproductive. There are a ton of providers that deliver free CDN services targeted to those who find the CDN cost to be too much; despite how feasible much of the CDN cost has turned out with a lot of providers like us.

There are a lot of CDN providers that extend services for free, but these services are unsurprisingly limited. For instance, provider X may only grant 500GB of traffic each month and provider Z may extend services better than provider X's but have only a few data centers around the globe. It’s usually a hit and miss with these kinds of arrangements and you’d have to be lucky to have most of your needs met by a free CDN.

Does my website need the best CDN?

The best CDN could mean a variety of things depending on what your business needs are. As with many things in technology, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. That aside, every website that generates a good amount of traffic could benefit from a CDN. There are far too many websites now that compete for your market’s attention. The least you could do is rid your site of latency. Once you know exactly what needs your website calls for, it’ll be a lot easier for you to find out which the best CDN provider is and know what CDN cost is reasonable in your context.

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