Why CDN Pricing Should Be A Deal-Breaker?

CDN Pricing

Nowadays Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are website must-haves. The internet s a saturated place, yet it continues to grow because of the many opportunities it affords people and businesses alike. That being said, it’s only normal for cloud delivery platforms to be a growing commodity. But given that there are so many CDN brands today, how do you know which CDN pricing is most justifiable? Or better yet? How do you know if a provider’s CDN is worth it?

Curiously, CDN providers largely bank on branding. Much like smartphones, the more popular a CDN provider is and the more people deem their services as unique and compelling, the easier it’ll be for them to charge higher prices for services their competitors also conveniently offer. While CDN pricing is starting to see more flexibility, more and more people are turning to free CDN despite not getting the best CDN results their website deserves. The best CDN isn’t only transparent with pricing, they should be fair, too. Today, it’s easy to pick a provider we don’t know much about simply because they have a steady following, but there are more things to consider before signing up with what you think is the best CDN.

Top CDN Pricing Comparison

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CDN Provider Pricing First 2.5 TB
per month
Next 25 TB
per month
Next 200 TB
per month
Next 1 PB
per month
BelugaCDN $20 $150 $1,000 $5,000
Web Services
$213 $2,050 $12,050 $39,770
Stack Path $150 $1,500 $6,000 $20,000
$218 $2,120 $12,360 $40,008
Google $200 $1,625 $10,000 $34,000

CDN Pricing Variables

The first thing people need to understand with a free CDN is that they do work, but the features you get are incredibility limited. It may work for freelance artists who have only 2 or 3 pages on their digital portfolios, but if you run a growing startup or a rising business, a free CDN just won’t cut it for you.

Moving on, the CDN market has proven to be at its most engaging and CDN pricing schemes continue to be dynamic, as well. To certain angles, it also helps that terabyte prices are getting cheaper, too. Similar to phone plans, the trend is to bundle staple delivery platform features that go well with standard CDN demands—WAF, SSL, DDoS Protection, Monitoring Tool, DNS Network, Live Video, and so on. On the other hand, not all the features mentioned above are ones you’ll find in a free CDN. When you sign up with us, for instance, you get a good deal because you’re exposed to a ton of services with the most reasonable CDN pricing to date.

The Leading CDN Pricing Models and What You’re Paying For

Today, clients can opt for Pay-As-You-Go and negotiated monthly contracts. What makes us stand out from the rest, however, is that you’re presented the ability to cancel any time! A feature not other providers can extend you.

Here’s where your money generally goes when it comes to pricing:

Your website’s traffic cost

Solutions, features, and services including customer support, organ shield, SSL certificates, data centers, and CDN storage, among others.

CDN set-up rates, if ever applicable

Minimum monthly charges or commitment rates, if ever applicable.

It’s best to note that regions and data centers are also huge variables in coming up with CDN pricing. We currently have a good number of locations to better support your global needs. You can click here to see which specific locations we’re in.

If you didn’t notice, we also have a CDN comparison chart on the homepage!

Why Free CDN Isn’t Always the Solution and What to Expect from the Best CDN?

It’s easy to get a free CDN when you don’t exactly know how it works yet. And if you’re thinking about jumping right into the free services side of the technology, feel free to do so! However, sooner or later, you’ll find out the free CDN doesn’t cover many important things.

Exhibit A – Customer Service

While a lot of free CDN providers do accommodate your queries and concerns, you won’t have the option of being a priority. You’ll have to wait for everyone else’s concerns to be fixed by them before you receive expert help. When you’re in the e-commerce industry or the digital publication trade, you can’t afford for your site to go down and you’ll need professional tech help as soon as possible. If anything, our customer service is one of the best things we’re known for!

Exhibit B – Distribution

Your CDN provider’s reach is integral because that’s how you reach out to your market. Some providers offer free CDN but don’t guarantee a vast coverage of data centers. Given that you’re only using their free plan, the solutions you get will not be as inclusive and your Points of Presence could be limited--something you might not want to risk, depending on which regions you’d like to maintain a strong presence in.

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