CDN Platform to Deliver Fast Web Experience to Your Visitors

CDN Platform

If you want to maximize the reach of your website, a content delivery network is the way to go.

With a CDN platform, your website will be able to give your visitors a faster web experience through static assets from network edges.

By replicating your website’s assets, including HTML pages, images, videos, stylesheets, and JavaScript files, on delivery servers across the globe, website visitors from the other side of the world can experience your website as if they are close to the original server.

What is a CDN Platform?

A content delivery network platform actually refers to a group of servers that are geographically located around the world that work together in delivering internet content as fast as possible. This is done by allowing for the quick transfer of website assets that are needed to load the internet content.

CDN platforms are increasingly becoming more popular especially for businesses that want to provide their website visitors the best web experience possible.

How Does a CDN Platform Work?

At its most basic, content delivery network platforms are simply a network of servers that are linked together with the purpose of delivering web content as fast, as efficient, and as reliably as possible.

To achieve that, CDN providers have servers strategically located at the exchange points between different networks.

These internet exchange points are important because that is where different internet service providers connect to give each other access to traffic that is coming from different networks.

By having a connection to these vital high-speed and highly interconnected networks, CDN platforms are able to facilitate high-speed data delivery without the high cost.

CDN Platform Vs. Traditional Web Hosting

The truth is that CDNs are not directly competing against traditional hosting. After all, CDNs do not have hosting capabilities. In the first place.

What a CDN platform will do is augment or supplement traditional web hosting for better and faster web performance.

A lot of traditional web hosting providers struggle to meet the performance needs of their clients, especially those with high bandwidth IT assets like videos.

CDNs relieve the traffic burden on the web hosting server and makes it possible to replicate the best web experience as if you are next to the original web server.

Benefits of a CDN Platform

The benefits of CDN platforms will generally differ from provider to provider and per plans and pricing. However, when you decide to take advantage of this technology, you can expect the following:

Faster Web Load Time

CDN platforms distribute your website’s content closer to your visitors through its nearest CDN server. Because of the close proximity, visitors experience faster page load.

Minimize Bandwidth Costs

One of the primary costs of website hosting is bandwidth consumption. However, through caching and other optimizations, CDN platforms are able to minimize the amount of data that the original web hosting server must use. As a result, there is a significant reduction in hosting costs.

Content Redundancy

Large amounts of traffic and hardware failures can result in website interruption and slow loading times. However, due to CDN’s distributed nature, it can handle more traffic and can withstand hardware failures.

Improved Security

Another advantage of CDN platforms is that it increases your security against DDoS attacks. Most CDN providers have extensive DDoS mitigating measures to protect your website from unwanted traffic. Also, reliable CDN providers use SSL to keep traffic encrypted between the CDN servers and the origin server.

Reduced Bounce Rate

One of the biggest reasons why visitors leave a website is because of the slow loading times and poor web experience. CDN platforms help you address this problem by significantly increasing your web pages’ load time. Faster load times also improve the web experience. As a result, it makes for better visitor engagement and lowers visitor bounce rate.

Better Search Engine Rankings

One of Google’s important ranking factor is page speed. With all things equal, Google will rank a certain web page higher compared to other pages if it has a faster loading time compared to others.

Works with Most Platforms

Another advantage of CDN is that it works in most platforms or content management systems. It can be deployed in minutes whether you are using Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Wix or any other CMS.

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