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CDN Service For WordPress

Internet users don’t just crave for speed. They demand it. This is even truer if you run a WordPress website. WordPress has been a favorite go-to web host for several website builders and empowered solopreneurs. Given how loading speeds have a large effect on consumer conversions, developers and business managers alike should learn the art and politics of what a CDN service for WordPress can do for your brand. If the next thing on your bucket list is to buy CDN, this article is for you.

What a lot of people may not know is that learning how to use CDN in WordPress is fairly easy. In fact, with BelugaCDN, this is feasible in under 5 minutes! Signing up with a provider to get the whole CDN service for WordPress doesn’t just benefit your business on a financial level—this makes you an approachable brand to your customers, too. Ultimately, what you’re paying for isn’t just speed—although that’s a huge part of it—you’re paying for convenience, availability, and security, as well. If your goal is to attract more online visitors and convert them into regular patrons, a CDN service for WordPress is most definitely for you.

CDN service for WordPress: the benefits

When you learn how to use CDN in WordPress, your website loads a lot quicker.

This is perhaps the best thing, among many others, one gets when looking to buy CDN. One of the biggest things that encourage latency for your visitors is distance. Many of your website visitors may live proximally far from your website’s origin host. When this happens, loading speed is affected. Consider this example: let’s say your web host origin is based in Atlanta. For users who live in Tennessee and Florida, this shouldn’t be a killer. But what about your digital market that lives in Tokyo? Or Australia? You can already tell their loading speeds will buffer a few seconds longer than your U.S. visitors’ browsing performance. Web page sizes matter, too, that’s true, but distance takes a weightier role in the equation. Ideally, your visitors have to be close to a server for them to efficiently consume your web content. This where a CDN service for WordPress comes in.

The very nature of CDN allows you to be closer to your digital demographics wherever they are in the world. Considering how providers have several data centers and Points of Presence all around the planet, your visitors should be able to consume your web data much easier and earlier. This is because they no longer have to obtain your site’s content from the web host but their edge server—the nearest server in their location. If you have users in the Philippines, a Singapore PoP should do the trick. If you have visitors in New Zealand, for example, a Sydney PoP does the trick, too. Of course, this all depends on where the locations of your provider are.

For a complete list of our Points of Presence, click here.

When you buy CDN, your site becomes more secure

Times are incredibly advanced and so many internet possibilities are starting to realize by the day. Given that truth, cybercrime has become doable, too. This is why a CDN service for WordPress is crucial now. So much so that more than 50% of internet traffic is run by CDNs. Any entrepreneur will agree for sure that cybersecurity isn’t just an option anymore. We’ve all heard of news involving compromised brands because of hackers. Malicious bots are on the loose, too. When you buy CDN for your WordPress site, you’re guaranteed SSL certificates and a whole lot of security measures.

When you buy CDN, you get to save more money

What kind of business leader would refuse to be able to save? What not so many business moguls understand with website technology is that every time a user accesses a site and clicks on whatever can be clicked—enlarging a photo, playing a video, reading a blog post—requests are being made. Every time that happens, bandwidth is being consumed. For any site that enjoys more traffic than usual, this can be costly as most web hosts charge by the Gigabyte.

A CDN improves this aspect because web hosts are no longer in charge of having to respond to every single one of your visitor requests. CDNs evenly distribute your content so web data reaches your users faster. That means your web host origin is freed from the responsibility and weight of having to send various media to your site visitors all at the same time.

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