What’s the best free CDN for Wordpress?

Best Free CDN for Wordpress

Despite the advent of Squarespace and Wix, Wordpress continues to dominate the web hosting world. While the two other mentioned hosts have had their fair share of increased digits in users, Wordpress remains to be a crowd favorite among web developers and business leaders alike. So if you’re currently whipping up a website for your brand and business, you may want to consider what the best free CDN for Wordpress is. Speed has become more important nowadays, given how fast technology has enabled everything else. From hailing car-sharing rides to ordering Chinese takeout, we have everything at the convenience of a few clicks!

For this blog post, we’re talking about the best free CDN for Wordpress, why cheap CDN should always be a valid option, and why the best CDN is more affordable than you think.

So what is the best free CDN for Wordpress?

Before we go ahead and answer that question, let’s define what Content Delivery Networks do in the first place. To start, CDNs are a group of servers located in various parts of the globe. When you sign up with a provider, whether cheap CDN or not, you consequently sign up for your web data to be distributed by the many global servers your provider has. Without CDN hosting, your users are left to obtain your site’s content from a single host origin—meaning only one. This could pose a problem because of two things:

  1. The distance between the origin host and your users can be a huge factor. Even though the world wide web is a powerful space in itself, the origin host’s distance helps determine the loading speed of your web pages at the end of your site visitors.
  2. Origin hosts are designed to accommodate hundreds of thousands of users all at once; meaning, when you don’t have a CDN, each of your users, every single one of them from around the globe, obtain your data from that sole origin host found in one spot in the globe. That means your site becomes more likely to crash and go offline because of the number of users that access your website simultaneously.

All that considered the best free CDN for Wordpress is one that’s present in the locations your digital have needs to be strongest in. Is your digital market strongest in America? Which part? What about Europe? Are the people you’re trying to sell your services to in Asia? Whatever your case is, make sure to look for a provider that has Points of Presence where your markets are. Here in BelugaCDN, we have 28 Global PoPs that’s sure to deliver web data to your users. Click here for the full map.

Does that mean that the best free CDN for Wordpress is one that has the most locations?

No. But it’s understandable why and how so many people think that the best CDNs are the biggest. Although there are valid contentions for why they could be, saying so would be a hasty generalization. This is why it’s important to always know which markets you’re trying to penetrate. Find out what countries and regions you’d need your website and/or app to be strongest in and look for providers that have locations in those places. That being the case, you’re more likely to find a cheap CDN that’s able to deliver the goods your website needs.

Here’s a clearer example: if you run a website that’s managed by a web host in, say, Tokyo, your Asian users are more likely to browse breezily through your web pages. But when the users you want to serve are in London or Sweden, or maybe even New York, the manner and speed in which they consume your media and content can be much, much slower.

Why cheap CDN is the best free CDN for Wordpress

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: you get what you pay for. At this point, the best free CDN for Wordpress is one that isn’t devoid of payment. Remember that when you sign up with providers, their servers now take care of your web data. Should something bad happen, you’d want to be guaranteed some level and extent of protection and accountability. When you don’t pay for the CDN you utilize, the chances of you being prioritized in custom services for when you have a legitimate concern about your web data is lowered. Cheap CDN, such as BelugaCDN, is often the best CDN for cases like these because you get the whole CDN experience, minus the hurtful rates these giants bill their clients.

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What is the best CDN for WordPress?

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