CDN Service Provider

CDN Services Provider

What is a CDN service?

Content Delivery Network is an excellent way to optimize your website's performance. It can improve your portal's speed, performance, and even increase security. And that’s, basically, the short version of what it is.

Do you want to learn more? Then, proceed further in full confidence. Experts at BelugaCDN have compiled this short guide for your convenience. By the end, you will have a full understanding of the basics of CDN service.

Also, stick around to learn how to identify a good provider for your portal.

What is a CDN service?

So, what is CDN service, and how does it work?

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a system of edge serves (also known as nodes) that can store various types of content from your website. That way, people who live far away from the primary server can access your site faster from these "additional" edge servers.

Website owners can use CDN service nodes to duplicate data like:

  1. Images
  2. Audio files
  3. Videos
  4. Other types of media (PDF, Word, Excel documents)
  5. Software
  6. Live streaming data

Content Delivery Network works as an additional cache to your server to hasten the site's loading speed.

Benefits of Content Delivery Network (CDN) Service Provider

So, should you use the CDN service for your website? It depends on what kind of content you store on the portal. In most cases, CDN is a must for almost every type of platform.

Why? Let's take a closer look.

  1. It improves website speed
  2. CDN service improves TTFB and latency, which is a major plus for any site. According to statistics, an average user expects a page to load in 1 to 3 seconds. Any extra moment leads to a potential reduction of conversion rates.

    With providers like BelugaCDN, you can significantly improve the site's performance for users around the world. By the way, it also increases your portal's SEO, leading to a better search ranking position.

    But what about the price?

  3. It helps to save more money
  4. You can get a reliable CDN service for cheap with a proper provider.

    For example, BelugaCDN offers scalable solutions for every kind of user. (bloggers, startups, large enterprises, etc.) Our plans start at a mere $20 per month.

    And that’s not all – CDN can even help you to save money in the long run. How? It takes an extra load off your primary server, thus decreasing the bandwidth cost.

  5. CDN increases security
  6. CDN service improves cybersecurity by supplying you with additional layers of protection against DDoS attacks. Many owners use it primarily for that, as it guarantees stability and continuous uptime.

  7. Provides better stability
  8. Expecting a lot of incoming traffic? CDN can help you distribute files across its network to ensure that your site doesn’t experience downtime. The more edge servers the provider offers, the more chances that your site will always be up and running.

How to pick the Best CDN Provider ?

Now you should know about the advantages of CDN. But how do you find the best CDN for your site?

  1. Pricing and scalability. Make sure to find a provider with scalable tariffs that can cover your needs for a reasonable price. For instance, BelugaCDN can provide CDN services for less than $1 a day for its cheapest plan. With that said, you can order a more expensive plan whenever you need additional features.
  2. Reach. The more server nodes a provider has, the better your platform will perform for users in various parts of the world.
  3. Implementation. Proper providers know how to set up the CDN properly to maximize its effectiveness. Do you want all of your content to be available from CDN (as opposed to storing parts of the content)? Then – look for a provider who can take a large amount of load from your primary server.
  4. Track record. Don't forget to check review portals to see what other clients say about a potential CDN provider. It'll help you to get a better picture of what to expect for that particular company.


Now you should understand what CDN service is and how CDN works. You should also realize that any website can benefit significantly from implementing it (if you were following us along, that is).

Do you want to get a scalable and reliable CDN for your site? Then, what are you waiting for?

Feel free to reach us at BelugaCDN today and experience immediate results!

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