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It is not enough for your website to simply exist. The idea that as long as you have good content, visitors from around the globe will come is not true. If you have a slow-loading website because of your long content, beautiful images, and interesting videos, visitors will not stay long enough to appreciate it. What you will have is churn or people who leave your website.

In fact, even Google agrees with that. Yes, good content will get you ranked higher than other websites. However, you might have missed that website loading speed is also considered a ranking factor. So, given two websites with equally good content, Google will rank the page with a faster loading speed higher because it provides visitors with a better web experience.

You may be asking what you can do to help your website load faster and extend its reach globally. The answer is Content delivery network software.

Content Delivery Network Solution for Your Website

Your website is hosted on a traditional hosting server. Imagine wanting to have a global audience with a single data center to handle all the traffic that comes with being global.

Your origin server will be overwhelmed with all the traffic and it can break down and fail. Where does that put your website? It is down as well without being able to accommodate even a single visitor.

You do not want that scenario.

Content delivery network or CDN software can ease the traffic burden from your origin server while accelerating your website’s loading speed and extending its reach to the whole world.

Multiple Servers Around the World

How can a simple CDN software solution help your website be faster and be more reachable globally? It achieves this through a network of servers, also called Point of Presence PoP servers, that are strategically located and installed around the world in different secure data centers.

These PoP servers keep a cached copy of your web content. When there is a web visitor who wants to open a web page from your website, a request will be sent from their computer or mobile device for access to the web page.

Traditionally, all these requests will go to the origin host server. This is the reason why in peak seasons, page loading times are very slow. It’s because of high latency due to the high volume of web requests being served by the origin server by itself.

With the rise of CDN software, however, that problem is now solved. Instead of going straight to the origin host server, web requests are mapped out by the CDN software and are sent to the PoP server that is within the proximity of the user.

That PoP server will be the one responding to the request and will deliver the cached copy of your web content to the web visitor.

This allows for fewer web requests going to the origin server and shorter distance traveled by web requests before it gets a response., which leads to a more global reach and faster web experience.

Advantages of Using Content Delivery Network Solutions

Higher Rankings in Search Engines

As said above, Google considers page load speed as an important ranking factor. By creating compelling content, getting relevant backlink references, and providing a fast web experience, you are increasing the chance of your website being ranked higher than your competitors in Google search results.

Faster Website Performance

Top Best CDN software providers like BelugaCDN also optimize the page load speed of your website. Whether you have a small e-store or a big video-filled e-commerce site, a good CDN platform should be able to reduce latency and the bandwidth requirements even for pages that have big downloadable elements like images and video.

Secure Web Traffic

Another advantage of a good CDN operator is the ability to secure your traffic from different attacks. BelugaCDN employs a myriad of high-level security measures including the employment of TSL certificates to protect your site from DDoS and other web-based attacks.

Global Reach

When you want to reach an audience on the other side of the world, CDN makes it possible by providing the same web experience as with visitors who are within proximity of the origin server. With globally placed servers, there will be a server within the proximity of any web visitor to respond to any web requests.

CDN Software Solutions

If you are looking to make your website faster and extend its reach globally without breaking the bank, then BelugaCDN is the software for you.

Start with a free trial, then continue with a plan that starts at only $20 per month. You are already getting one of the top CDN providers in the industry without shelling out top dollar.

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