How to check CDN speed and other reminders

Check CDN Speed

There are two quick ways to check CDN speed, although the first one is sufficient enough for most people. Generally, online tools work the majority of the time. A good first step in assessing how your CDN is doing is by using a website speed test. There are a ton of them online, but plenty of people flock to Pingdom, WebPageTest, and Speedtest. What’s nice about these speed testers is that they’re all free, with the first two even giving you the option to select which location to check your site from.

To validate the performance of your content delivery network, it’s best that you run these website load tests before and after you integrate your CDN. If you want to CDN’s performance checker tool per se, you can check out CDNPlanet’s checker tool. All these sites provide comprehensive methods and they’re easy to use.

Why is website speed important?

Do I really need to Check CDN PerformanceTest? Yes. We’ve all become impatient. That isn’t a secret anymore. Time even says goldfish have better attention spans than us. That being the case, other studies have also pointed out that web users are likely to close a tab if it doesn’t load in full after 2 seconds. That’s really quick. Our market is insatiable, and the business industry is hungry for attention. How will your enterprise fair?

First impressions count

You don’t have forever to present your brand to potential customers, much more on the internet. That being the case, first impressions can mean everything on the web. You allow for instant judgment when you put yourself out there. The faster your site loads, the sooner users get to look around in your site and hopefully give in to your services and products. This one is nothing more than basic psychology: quick website, great impression.

People naturally expect speed

We can’t help it. Once you open a website, there’s a sense of entitlement in your head that reminds you how fast many websites are. So naturally, you indirectly expect the same. The bars are high and no one will adjust for you. Entrepreneurs and website owners have to keep up.

Slow websites are bad for business

Amazon, eBay, and Wish—these are examples of businesses in, more or less, the same industry. They all sell a variety of things. What’s the point? The point is competition is stiff. You could be losing to your customers solely on how slow your website loads. You’re not the only one in your category. If your contemporary’s site loads faster, you can bet people are more likely to frequent their site versus yours.

How do CDNs make your website load faster?

Let’s revisit what is CDN, in the first place: if you didn’t already know, CDNs are a cluster of servers placed in several locations around the world. These servers cache and relay your web content to your users. Think of CDNs as a relay game, except everyone relays everything together and at the same time. Once you have new content up on your site, these servers can store them immediately.

To understand how this works, you need to know that web host origins simply house your content. While they may have the ability to distribute data, they’re not meant to circulate your web content to thousands of your users all at once.

CDNs make it easier for your site to reach your audience because of their multiple Points of Presence (PoPs). As the term implies, these are where your servers will be found. BelugaCDN has 28 global PoPs and 9 SuperPoPs. So even if your web host is based in Dallas, your users from Quebec, Stockholm, and Singapore, for example, all receive your content at the same time. Why? Because your global audience doesn’t obtain your data from the Dallas-based web host, but from their edge servers; meaning the servers they’re closest to.

What kinds of websites need to be speedy?

In theory, every website needs to be fast. It’s more of a user issue than it is an industry concern. But if we’re being technical, sites that can’t afford prolonged latency (the delay it takes for your site to load completely) are the ones in e-commerce, digital publishing, finance and banking, gaming apps, and other similar media.

What people don’t always recognize is that even smartphone applications depend on quick signals to perform well. Whether you're on your Paypal app or your mobile watching Netflix films, you’re going to need speedy connections. And your telco provider can only do so much.

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