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CDN Solutions

Content delivery network or CDN allows your website to be loaded fast in any part of the world even if they are not within the proximity of the origin server that is hosting the website itself.

This is achieved by CDN solutions through a network of geographically distributed group of servers that are strategically located at key areas around the globe.

These group of servers work together to provide your visitors with fast web experience as if they are within proximity of the origin server.

CDN Solutions — Origin Web Host Server Vs. CDN Servers

Right off the bat, let’s make it clear, CDN servers do not host the websites content like traditional origin web hosting servers do. All the necessary elements to load a web page like javascript files, HTML, CSS, images, and even video are hosted on the origin server.

CDN servers, on the other hand, only keeps a cached version of these web page components in their servers. A stored copy of the original if you will.

If you think about it, origin servers and CDN servers are not competing against each other. Each has a role to play in making websites visible to customers.

Origin servers host the actual website, its content management system, and all its elements. They also respond to the requests to access web pages, especially for users who are within the proximity of the origin server.

CDN servers, on the other hand, extends the reach of the website. For those who are not physically within the proximity of the origin server, CDN servers are the ones who respond to their request to access web content because they are closer geographically.

CDN solutions basically extend the reach of the website without sacrificing its page load time speed.

CDN Solutions — How it Works

Latency is the enemy and CDN solutions seek to eliminate or minimize it.

Latency actually refers to the amount of time that lapses from the moment a web user makes a request for a web page to the moment the web page fully loads.

Through a reliable CDN solution, the goal is to reduce the physical distance the web request has to travel so that the user experiences fast web page loading.

To make this happen, CDN providers have a network of different servers in strategic geographic areas. These are called Point of Presence servers or PoP servers. In these PoP servers, there are stored cached copies of the website’s web page elements and components.

When a web visitor tries to open a web page, the request is sent to the geographically nearest PoP server and it will serve the cached copy to the web visitor.

Through this process, the physical distance the request travel does not have to be from the origin server to the device that is used to access the web page. It just has to be the distance from the CDN PoP server only.

CDN Solutions — What are the Benefits of Content Delivery Network Solutions?

By supporting your website with a reliable CDN solution, your website will enjoy the following benefits:

High Performance

A good CDN provider will be able to optimize the page load speed of your website. Whether you are a small business with a small e-store or an enterprise with a high-level e-commerce website, a good CDN platform should be able to reduce latency and the bandwidth demands even if there are large volumes of downloadable content like images and video.

Security Against DDoS Attack

A reliable CDN provider will also provide your website high-level defense and protection against DDoS attacks through TLS certificates or by employing high-end authentication options like token-based authentication.

IPV4/IPV6 Dual Stack Network

A good CDN provider not only wants to extend your website’s reach via geography. It also wants to extend your reach via the devices that it can support. Look for a CDN solution that employs next-gen IPV4/IPV6 dual-stack network so that your content will be delivered not only to computers and laptops but to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets as well.

BelugaCDN Solutions

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And with BelugaCDN’s very competitive CDN plans and pricing, you will be able to enjoy a high-performing and secure content delivery network solution with IPV4/IPV6 dual-stack network without having to pay as high compared to other top CDN platform providers.

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