Which CDN is best?

Which CDN is Best

The buzz surrounding Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) can’t be shushed considering how every business is adapting to the cloud now. Whether rising artists with portfolios or budding online plant shops, there is a strong increase in website empowerment for entrepreneurs and visionaries alike. CDNs are fast becoming the best friends of ambitious business leaders resolute to dominate the worldwide web. That said, which CDN is best?

Right off the bat, we could just tell you that we are. If you’ve done even minimal research about us, you’ll find that we have a ton of positive reviews and our clientele is growing. But what makes a CDN worth it? What factors should a website owner consider when shopping for CDN providers? Below you’ll see that we’ve taken the liberty to list down the most essential components you’ll need to factor in before signing up with a CDN.

How to find out which CDN is Best?

Tip 1 – excellent customer support

We’re sure you’ve heard of the words “excellent customer support” a lot of times, but do you experience that with many of your providers? Do your telco and internet companies meet you where you’re willing to pay them or do they under-deliver when it comes to back-office support?

Consider only a CDN provider that extends not just knowledge and expertise, but also compassion and fervor. Using a Content Delivery Network for the first time isn’t always a piece of cake for most website owners. Even though processes may be easy, there’s a huge chance any first-time user will still need to reach out to a representative to clear some things. Technical knowledge, a firm grasp on phone communication techniques and an organic urgency to resolve concerns are what make the heart of a provider support team function. BelugaCDN has a responsive client support department, so you’re sure to always be kept in the know.

Tip 2 – distribution size

The whole point of a CDN is to relay your web content to your global and regional audiences. If it fails to do that, then you may not have found the CDN for you just yet. One question you need to ask straight away to a Content Delivery Network (CDN) provider is how many Points of Presence they have. While you won’t always need that many servers, it’s good to know which regions your CDN provider is available in. For instance, BelugaCDN has 28 global PoPs and 9 SuperPoPs. It doesn’t matter if your market’s in Australia or Singapore or Amsterdam. Your audience encounters only premium browsing with us. Check the map here for complete details.

Tip 3 – feasibility

The budget will forever be a huge determiner. It’s a make or break, and depending on how much your enterprise can shoulder, you’re going to have to look for the Best CDN provider that meets your budget. Look for one that’s transparent with pricing.

Today, there are mostly two ways one can go about their CDN payment arrangements. One is contract pricing. This is reliant on your site’s feature needs and bandwidth. That established you’ll also only find out how much exactly you’re going to have to pay until you sign up. Commercial CDNs follow this format, but several startups and smaller businesses might find this method too difficult to keep up with budget-wise.

The second type is the pay-as-you-go model. Prices are based on per gigabyte usage and bills generally become cheaper as the volume increases. If anything, what makes BelugaCDN stand out the most is its feasibility. For only a fraction of the cost, businesses can enjoy premium features they’d otherwise get from other leading, more expensive CDN providers. If you check our reviews here, you’ll find out that it’s one of the biggest things our clients like about us—our capacity to deliver quality without overcharging them.

So, which CDN is best?

We could tell you that it’s us, but that would be tooting our own horn, would it? So instead, we’ll remind you of the many things our clients like about us.

  • We’re a cheap CDN for simple and affordable global content delivery.
  • We leveraged new technologies and over 15 years of experience operating high-performance networks to create an optimized CDN product with an astonishingly low price.
  • We can deliver web content up to 40% with our dual-stack network.

To find out why we’re the best CDN type, score a free trial from us today!

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