Different Examples of CDNs that Go Beyond Caching

 Examples Of CDN

IT business tools are all the rage in this technological era, with different software apps that can handle various aspects of the workforce, such as employee management, documentation, and business intelligence. Content delivery networks can be classified under these tools, as CDN hosting is key for many companies to cater their business to others. With a plethora of CDN providers, using CDN hosting to improve your company’s reach, or to help out in workforce productivity, is a good step for any enterprise. However, examples of CDNs can be considered, too. While CDN providers can offer you the usual CDN hosting service with proper caching and data queueing, and the use of edge servers to push data into further distances, CDN hosting can be recalibrated to attend to more specific tasks. We at BelugaCDN are very much excited to tell you about different examples of CDNs, and how these examples of CDNs can be used for the betterment of the company, and the people that they serve for or with. Let’s talk about different examples of CDNs, and how you can use them.

CDNs for Cloud Storage

Online storage is key to any organization nowadays, as putting your files online is almost a surefire way to keep documentation iron-clad from manipulation or deletion. CDN providers may offer you CDN hosting centered on housing files online in a way that sharing them is a breeze. With the caching and origin pushing qualities of CDN hosting, among the examples of CDNs, cloud storage CDNs are able to cater to the workforce the best, by keeping the flow of information smoother and with less latency problems. Putting your company files into the cloud is one thing, but using storage guided by CDN providers for better information sharing, with security through the CDN firewall, allows your company to collaborate better with business partners, or with current and potential customers. If this kind of file maintenance entices you, talk to your CDN providers so that you can turn your CDN into a cloud storage CDN. Among different examples of CDNs, cloud storage also shows better flexibility in usage. Cloud storage CDNs can also support massive apps, such as human resources applications, and so on. Ask you CDN providers how the cloud storage CDN can work for you and the people you are working with.

CDNs for Streaming

Different examples of CDNs support media and how they appear for the end user. A streaming CDN, may it be for videos or audio, makes sure that data flow is smooth, as suggested by the term “streaming”. CDN providers may assist you so that your website will stream data with ease. Videos will not appear pixelated, and live streaming events appear on time when streamed via any gadget. Audio clips of songs and interviews play without too much buffer time. With the different examples of CDNs, the streaming CDN makes the website visitor’s experience a lot livelier and most interactive. Talk to your CDN providers on how you can activate streaming CDNs to improve website content.

CDNs for Image Hosting

And among the other examples of CDNs is the image hosting CDN. Compared to other examples of CDNs, this one has a simple yet complicated task. While hosting images sounds simple, modifying images so that they appear correctly on the user’s screen is a challenging task. CDN providers will have to tweak CDN capabilities so that when a website user accesses certain images, they won’t appear distorted or pixelated, or even worse cause the gadget’s browser to crash. CDN hosting for this particular CDN is programmed so that the CDN will identify the accessing gadget and send data enough for the gadget to load the image particularly for its screens. CDN hosting for this function, compared to other examples of CDNs, include both data delivery and manipulation.

More Examples of CDNs

While three examples of CDN hosting are mentioned here, there are others that might tickle your interest. CDN firewalls use CDN security to protect servers. A traffic control CDN uses CDN hosting to maintain a balanced exchange of users going in and out of the website. While CDN providers’ services come in different forms, it is better for you to decide on what exact kind of CDN hosting you would like to avail of. CDN providers will assist you with this decision, as we would here at BelugaCDN. Strike a conversation with us right now. Let’s talk about CDN hosting, how to choose between CDN providers, and examples of CDNs to choose from. Different examples of CDNs bring different benefits for the enterprise.

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