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Favicon CDN

Websites need to attract visitors. Otherwise, they will not fulfill their purpose.

One of the key features of a website that attracts visitors is its design. Website creators need to put serious thought into the attractiveness of their websites. The websites you create have to be easy to navigate and attractive to your users.

A favicon is one of the key aspects of website design that attract users to your website. Use favicon CDN to make it easy for you to add a favicon to your website.

What is A Favicon?

A favicon is a website icon that displays on the search bar next to your website title.

It helps visitors to identify your website among other open tabs on their browser. A favicon is like a logo and it helps to create a good impression on your website visitors.

What Is Favicon CDN?

Favicon CDN is a simple link that you add to your website's development code. It helps to create and add your favicon design to your website.

In the early days of website design, favicons came from compressed images. Images are compressed into the required size and format to become a favicon.

With the favicon CDN, you no longer need to compress your images. They are automatically converted into favicons as your website is developed.

How to Use a Favicon CDN

Optimize your Favicons

When you use a favicon CDN on your website, it will load the favicon fast.

Create a Favicon on Your Website

Creating a favicon on your website with a Favicon CDN is easy. Most times, all you need is a single line of code added to your website code. Add the line of code connected to your preferred favicon image. This will cause your favicon to appear on your website.

There are also many websites that use the Favicon CDN to help you create a favicon for your website. All you need to do is to upload your preferred image for a favicon. We will then convert the image into a format suitable for website favicons.

Benefits of Favicon CDN on Your Website

Provides Recognizability to Your Website

A favicon makes your website recognizable. A visitor to your website can memorize your favicon. If there is a website with a similar name to yours, it may confuse your visitors. Your visitors will identify your website rather than its competitors by its favicon.

When working, many people open several tabs. Website favicons help visitors get back or find the website that they need.

Improve User Experience

Favicons add to the appeal and design of the website. A beautifully designed website is easy to use and navigate. As part of the design, a favicon that stands out enhances the memorability of the website. It also helps to build the brand behind the website. The style and design of the favicon help visitors to your website get used to it fast. This is because the design of the favicon blends easily with the website.

Saves Website Users Time

Time is the most important resource that people have. When online, websites that load slowly are abandoned. Favicons once recognized show the user that they are on the right website.

Websites with a favicon are easy to navigate and use. Websites without a favicon in this era are confusing. They cause visitors to waste more time on the website trying to understand and navigate it.

Attracts Visitors to the Website

Website designers develop favicons to attract visitors to their websites. For example, once you see a social media website favicon, it attracts you to the platform.


Besides providing recognition of websites, we use favicons as branding for a website. Favicons take up the color of the company website that it represents. Further, different website owners may use their logos as favicons. Thus helping to build a brand on the internet.

Favicon Formats

There are several favicon formats. In the early days of favicons, you interacted with favicons depending on the browser you used. Now, most favicon formats are compatible with the majority of browsers.

The most common favicon format is PNG to show that it is an image.


Favicons have existed for over two decades now. They have grown in popularity over time and are a major component of website design. Websites without favicons are now the odd ones out. A favicon CDN is the easiest way to add a favicon onto your website as all you need is a single line of code.

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