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There is just something about moving images with sounds that get us more interested. The same goes for videos on websites. The web experience just goes to another level when there are videos included on the web page as opposed to just simple text and images.

Web developers and digital marketers have noticed this trend as well. Check the data and you will see that most of the time, visitor engagement increases when there is video involved. Web visitors interact more with your website and the outcome is usually positive.

Usually being the operative word.

Videos sure are useful tools to get the interest of your audience. However, if not properly executed, this can result in a bad web experience. After all, any visitor would be frustrated when a video fails to load or is constantly buffering. They will instantly close the web page and move on to another website, which is probably your competitor.

Fortunately, there is something you can do to speed the delivery of your web page elements, specifically your videos.

That is a worry-free CDN video hosting service.

Worry-Free CDN Video Hosting – Reasons for Slow Loading Videos

When the videos in your web pages are slow to load, it may have encountered one or several problems that may include:

It is a big file!

By and large, videos have traditionally been big files. Through the years, its footprint has significantly decreased but compared to other web page elements like texts, images, and even JavaScript files, videos is almost always the largest component of the web page.

As a result, it is the component of the web page that is most difficult to deliver and render due to its big nature.

Poor internet connection

Another possible reason why videos are slow loading is the internet service provider of the visitor itself. When there is low bandwidth available, even web pages that only have text and images are difficult to render. What more for pages with big video files streaming. The combination of the video’s big file size with the small internet bandwidth of the visitor is a recipe for slow-loading videos.

Long-distance from the host server

A possible reason for slow loading videos, especially for those out of the country is latency. Latency refers to the total time it takes from the web page that is requested until the time the web page requested is delivered after the host server responded to the request.

The farther the visitor is from the host server, the longer the travel is for the web request. This results in a delayed response from the host server and delayed delivery of the requested web page.

Worry-Free CDN Video Hosting – How a Reliable CDN Provider Can Solve the Problem

BelugaCDN, one of the industry leaders in content delivery network services can provide your website with a highly reliable, secure, and worry-free CDN video hosting service that should be able to solve your slow video loading problems.

By signing up with BelugaCDN, you can:

Solve your problem with latency

The latency problem is mainly due to the long distance between the visitor’s device and the host origin server. Beluga CDN resolves this with its strategically located network of servers around the world. Instead of sending all web requests to the host server, the web requests are mapped out and sent to the nearest CDN edge server. These servers can either pull the latest version of the web page requested from the host server or push an existing cached version of the web page to the web visitor. Either way, not all web requests have to be directed to the host server anymore.

Compress and convert your video files

BelugaCDN can also increase web page load speeds by optimizing its elements so that it requires a smaller bandwidth to load. This includes compression of files for easier delivery and converting it to a format that is compatible with the device used by the visitor.

Handle virality

If your videos do well, it is bound to attract a big audience. Without a CDN service, all these traffic have to be handled by your host server. Too much traffic can cause your web page to slow down, including its videos. It may even cause your website to fail. CDN services like BelugaCDN is designed to handle large traffic. Its sheer capacity to handle multiple web requests can help you handle the success of your videos.

If you need a worry-free CDN service, you can try BelugaCDN for free for 30 days. Just visit to sign up.

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