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Knockout CDN

A content delivery network can significantly help your website extend its reach to a global audience without sacrificing web experience.

It achieves this by solving the problem of latency. Latency is the amount of time a web visitor waits for a web page to load upon requesting access to it.

Web visitors who are far from the host server or those in another continent will suffer significant latency because of the long-distance traveled by the web request.

Through a content delivery network or CDN service, however, web requests no longer have to travel to the host server. It is instead sent to the nearest CDN server where a cached version of the web page is stored then delivered to the web visitor.

This helps your web pages load faster from any part of the globe.

Of course, speed also depends on the elements of your website. If you have UI sections that are dynamic, it can be a factor that slows download times.

Fortunately, you can use knockout CDN to solve this problem

What is Knockout CDN?

First, let us define what Knockout is. Knockout refers to a popular open-source JavaScript library that helps web developers create responsive and rich web applications.

This is especially useful when you have UI sections that update dynamically because Knockout can implement these functionalities in a much simpler manner.

Some of the key components of Knockout are:

Declarative Bindings – This component provides you with a convenient way to connect your DOM elements to your own data model

Automatic UI Refresh – This component allows your UI to update automatically when there is a change in your data model’s state.

Dependency Tracking – This component that takes care of chains of relationships between model data

Template – Create nested UIs as a function of your model

Traditionally, Knockout can be hosted on the origin server, but it can also work with CDN providers. What you can do is reference Knockout using the Handlebar CDN combination. This allows for faster and more reliable delivery of these Knockout components that allows the interactive components of your UI to not slow down web page loading.

Benefits of Knockout CDN

The main advantage of having your CDN work with Knockout is that it optimizes the interactive parts of your UI so that it does not negatively affect the loading speed of your web pages.

However, the advantages do not stop there. By signing up with BelugaCDN, one of the top providers in the industry, your website can enjoy different benefits including:

Google Friendly Web Pages

One of the most important ranking factors in Google is page load speed. CDNs in combination with Knockout, optimize the elements of your web pages and solves the problem of latency to speed up the loading speed of your pages. Given all things equal like equally good content and an equal number of referring domains, your page with the faster loading speed can rank higher than your competitors.

Security Against Web Attacks

Top CDN providers have built-in security tools that can help websites ward off different forms of web attacks. This includes the most common type of attack, which is Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS. To guard against DDoS, top providers support traffic authenticators to verify traffic. BelugaCDN supports all 5 TLS certificates (HTTP/2, OCSP Stapling, Dynamic record sizing, ALPN, and Perfect forward secrecy).

Global Reach

Through strategically-located CDN servers all over the world, you are able to expand your reach to a global audience without sacrificing load speed. In addition, BelugaCDN supports IPV4/IPV6 dual-stack network so that content delivery is optimized not only for desktop and laptop PCs but mobile devices like smartphones and tablets as well.

Easy to Setup and Manage

Top CDN providers like BelugaCDN has intuitive dashboards that can be accessed from anywhere in the world and on any device. Setup your CDN services based on the needs of your website. BelugaCDN is also web developer-friendly. It provides developers access to advanced settings, fine control, and automation options via restful APIs.

Get Real-Time Insights

Get useful insights into how your CDN is performing in terms of delivering your content around the globe. BelugaCDN Sonar provides you with real-time traffic data and statistics to give you an idea of how everything is going.

BelugaCDN – Knockout CDN Service

If you need a CDN provider that supports Knockout and other JavaScript functionalities, then BelugaCDN is just right for you.

Get affordable yet reliable CDN services for as low as $20 per month.

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