CDN Services Definition

CDN Services Definition

Once you’ve discovered what a CDN does and why so many enterprise leaders are resorting to the technology to push for worldwide web dominance, the next best question is, “Do I need a CDN for my website?” That’s probably why the words “CDN services definition” has now been Googled several times.

Many of us know that a CDN is monumental in expanding our online reach, but not everyone is sure if CDN services are something we need now. That being the case, who needs CDNs and when do you know it’s time?

Does my business need a CDN?

If there’s anything we want to make clear right now, it’s that CDN is designed for every single existing website. While it is helpful and a universe of websites depend on the technology to make money and engage with their audiences, it just isn’t meant for everyone.

If you run a site that’s dedicated to a specific community not too far from where your web host origin is, then you don’t need it. If you run a site that houses only a few pictures and one-sentence captions to showcase your skills as a creative, you might not need it, too. Originally, CDNs are designed to deliver content to as many global site visitors accordingly. Because a site only has one web host origin, those trying to access the site from very distant places definitely don’t get the same kind of loading speed that those physically near the web host origin enjoy.

CDN Benefits

Should finally decide to use a CDN for your site, you get a steady roster of perks.

Improved speed

Speed is perhaps one of the most obvious targets CDNs go after. Because servers that are positioned close to a user—also known as Points of Presence—are the ones in charge of delivering content, a site’s visitors will experience quality browsing when on your site. Know that latency is reduced, if not eliminated, when your request doesn’t travel too far; even the best internet connection can only do so much. That’s why CDNs make your site load a lot quicker. Say, your website is based in Germany but you have a strong following in the U.S., your American site visitors will still enjoy the same premium experience your German audience does because of the server that’s near your American audience.

Provide better analytics

Several CDN providers charge by the byte. BelugaCDN is popular for being one of the most price-friendly providers that offer premium CDN services. As such, the data gathered in your analytics every month can supplement the reports you try to obtain regularly.

Expands reach

A CDN makes it possible for plenty of your users to enjoy your website at the same time. Because CDNs allow a generous amount of data threshold, a massive number of visitors can flock your site with ease. When your site enjoys the capacity to entertain a high traffic flow, it becomes easier for you to put out content and earn from whatever you put in your site—whether through ads or e-commerce. Popular sites always have the advantage because companies and brands will always have a thing for exposure. If possible, you can use your site as an avenue for advertising, too. The better your site performs, the easier it will be to attract an international audience, too.

Customized Content

Several websites don’t have a phone version of the content they put out. As a result, when a user accesses your site with a tablet or a smartphone, the aesthetics look forced and weird. CDNs help counter that because they can customize appearance based on device. What’s more, you can also show exclusive content to certain users depending on where they are in the globe. Netflix is a company that does that. Because licensing of the shows and movies they have can differ from region to region, they can show all of their audience members the same content. As a result, some shows are present in some countries and some aren’t. This is made possible and easy because of CDNs. CDNs can detect where a user is from and then present whatever content he or she is allowed to consume based on his or her location.

If you’re looking for the best CDN there is, ditch your usual list of CDN providers and avail of BelugaCDN’s free trial period to see if this is something your site may need. Learn more about BelugaCDN here.

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