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It is always a good idea to have your site subscribed to CDN. The Content Delivery Network delivers the content to the specific user without making any delay regardless of the distance between the user and the server.
To make transmission hassle-free, the group of interconnected servers is used at different geographical locations.

Plus, the implementation of SSD instead of HDD makes the storage more efficient and the data delivery even faster.

Now, when it comes to CDN, we often imagine paying a certain fee and purchasing the plan. However, as technology is more advanced than ever, it is possible to make use of free CDN.

Free CDN - What is it?

There are various CDN providers out there that allow relishing on the functioning of CDN free of cost. These CDN networks work the same for transmitting the data packets from servers to the user’s computer.

These servers come greatly helpful for individuals who want to experience the power of CDN. This way, you don’t’ pay a penny and make use of CDN’s glory.

After activating the CDN, the website does not seem like loading forever. Hence, a user has quick access to his request, and this overall reduces the bounce rate.

Now, as you can understand, a reduced bounce rate means an increased SEO score, and hence, CDN is a must-have facility for every online service provider.

Free CDNs for WordPress that have a Forever-Free Plan (Updated 2020)

Here is the list of CDN providers that avail free CDN services forever.

  1. CloudFlare
  2. Incapsula
  3. Jetpack
  4. Swarmify

1, CloudFlare

CloudFlare, the website security company, provides the free CDN formula for a lifetime. It is one of the leading providers of CDN that are known for their superiority in terms of performance and support. The company holds about 115 datacenters, and the CDN plan offers basic DDoS protection as well. So, users waiting for an entirely free service to speed up their sites and increased security measures for the WordPress platform can prefer CloudFlare.

2, Incapsula

For an overall functional CDN that features Global CDN, Website Security, DDoS Protection, and defense against failure, Incapsula has its place too. The CDN can easily be added to your WordPress site, and it takes only a few minutes to get it activated.

In those minutes, the provider sets your website across the globe using their interconnected servers. They inspect DDoS attacks as well by staying alert about the incoming traffic and verifying it for being genuine.

3, Jetpack

Jetpack, too, has included a free CDN service to their collection that users can bring the dream of speedy data transmission to life. Their CDN service is named as Photon that you need to download and install and activate it.

To activate it in WordPress, only a plugin is required, and the CDN does not need you to for any special installation set. Once you do the installation, all the static and dynamic data gets activated across the servers worldwide.

4, Swarmify

Swarmify or SwarmCDN offers the free version for the users to have a taste of their CDN services. The free CDN provides 10gb bandwidth to the images only, and it does not take any longer to get the plugin download and install. The CDN works on P2P or Peer to Peer approach that is used to save the bandwidth even more.

How Long Can You Survive with Free CDN?

A free CDN is useful to have for someone who is starting up with the blog or website. It serves better than standard networking once your traffic starts to increase.

That is why to experience the functionality and limits of CDN, a free plan of CDN is wise, to begin with.

You may continue using the free version until it serves fine as per the bandwidth allocated.

The websites that often prompt users with 503 errors or connection timeout, it is an indication that the traffic overall is increased, and you need to switch to a premium CDN plan.

By trying out the free CDN, having an idea about it always comes easy. This way, you get to know if opting for the premium version should be part of the plan or not.

If you value user experience and don’t want your visitors to wait for page loading, CDN is a must-have service that benefits you in every possible way.

How BelugaCDN Offers Free CDN Solution?

BelugaCDN helps you achieve the fastest data transmission possible by availing you of their servers scattered in the world.

To accomplish an insanely fast speed while ensuring security to your bandwidth, BelugaCDN is the choice of many.

With regular usage of the CDN, the stats become improved in those analytics in terms of speed. The bounce rate overall gets decreased, and your SEO rankings improve.

Once you are sure about the services and deliver as promised, nothing can stop you from gaining exposure every day.

BelugaCDN offers quick Responsive Technical Support, Real-time Analytics, Unlimited Cache Purge, Custom SSL, and many more features. The CDN plans and pricing are unmatchable in the market.

BelugaCDN is also available for a 30-day free trial pack. You can go for the free trial to get familiar with all features at first. The plan can be canceled anytime.

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While finalizing any CDN provider, you should always keep an eye on the speed rate, security standards, and price factor.

Compare various CDN providers on these aspects, and determine which service provider seems to be a reputed one. Initiate being a fast serving platform with free CDN service and let your visitors have the best browsing experience.

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