Reasons Why Having A Free File CDN Website Plan for Your Business Is Ideal

Free File CDN

Apart from having cool graphics and flawless content, what else can help your website achieve a better ranking? The answer? Having an excellent site speed for your website. Enter free file CDN services.

This type of service helps business owners boost their website speeds so they can satisfy their current website visitors- and attract new ones. With free file CDN service, website owners can boost their site’s loading times and improve their ranking -- free of charge.

The reason why these free services are being offered is because various CDN companies wants to make this boosting service available for more website owners. By expanding consumer awareness about this service, CDN companies can then introduce their other offerings in improving the websites of their would-be customers.

Other than free file CDN services, the CDN arena is also flooded with companies that offer owners a safe environment to upload files without being hacked. Most of these services cover their clients against cyber-attacks as part of the free package.

On top of the excellent website site speed improvements, clients can also upload files safely without the fear of being spammed by someone.

A Keen Look at Free File CDN Services from Various Companies

#1, BelugaCDN

BelugaCDN offers a complete package for all your content delivery needs like web acceleration, video streaming, game delivery, software distribution, and Ad Serving.

Also, one of the best things that users love about BelugaCDN is it offers a pay-as-you-go payment scheme. It means that users should not worry about the hard-hitting costs of upfront payments, which constricts their budget.

Other features that BelugaCDN has are responsive technical support, real-time analytics, unlimited cache purge, and secure token.

It also offers a 30-day free trial pack to let you test its well-loved capabilities at zero cost.

Indeed, this is a CDN service that would undoubtedly beef up your website’s content delivery side and strengthen all your site’s necessary aspects.

#2, Incapsula

Incapsula is a product of renowned cyber security firm Imperva. It ties its worldwide-distributed evolved servers to their client’s business website to help them with website speed and efficiency. Incapsula also support and protect their clients from various cyber-attacks that may hit them.

Free file CDN services

Face time traffic statistic updates, weekly monitoring report, and tight time monitoring

  • Advanced IPV6 support
  • Excellent spam boot protection, CAPTCHA security, and review spam protection.
  • Worldwide free file CDN services
  • Topnotch image optimization, caching, comprehension and magnification services

#3, Cloud Flare

Website speeds have greatly improved for web owners whose site speed is maintained by Cloud Flare. Thanks to its global data centers located in 194 cities worldwide, the company is indeed serious about providing site speed for their clients. This company makes use of edge networks to provide its clients with excellent, accurate and fast free file CDN services.

Free File CDN Services

  • Instant and pure content caching services
  • Excellent content scrapping protection services
  • Possibility of rewriting HTTPS
  • Worldwide balanced CDN service
  • Simple DDoS security
  • Auto-synched JavaScript loading

Free File CDN Offers

  • Monthly 500GB traffic services
  • Single and flexible IP
  • Excellent traffic monitoring
  • High latency optimization for users with slow connections

Advantages of Free File CDN Services for Site Speed Optimization

  • Targets A Larger Visitor Population at A Fast Rate

    Once website owners have identified the geographic location of their visitors and their servers, the rest is up to the CDN services team. Normally, a longer distance between visitors and servers affects a website’s loading speed.

    Thus, website owners opt to link to their target clients globally via cloned website files on their massive servers around the world.

  • It Surpasses A Regular Website User Experience

    A fast-loading website helps visitors enjoy an awesome interaction with the website page, which makes them want to stay longer on your website. Website owners will be delighted to know that their website page is fast on every click which increases their site’s website traffic.

    The user experience of websites is one the very important factors that websites owners needs to focus on. Great content and utility will never be enough if a website’s speed cannot reach or surpass visitors’ expectations and beat their short attention span.

  • Marketing Goals Attainment

    Free file CDN providers continue to evolve in service provision by providing advanced tech support. These advanced tech options have helped website owners achieve a better ranking on Google due to fast site speeds.

    CDN free plans give website owners a chance to have a speed boost for their website without having to spend too much for the speed improvement.

  • It Increases A Website’s Conversion Rate

    In web lingo, the word ‘conversion’ means the website’s ability to convert web visitors into customers. It also means achieving what website owners want their visitors to do in their website.

    Be it filling out a survey form, registering to a webinar , or recommend a product, if it’s what a website owner aims, the conversion has taken place.

    Increasing your website's speed is what will push your site on a higher ranking on Google’s list of top websites. The increased speed will surely delight your visitors and customers, which will make them want to stay longer on your site.

    Now that you are fully aware of the benefits of having a free CDN service for your website, there’s no better time to subscribe into this service than now.


When you want a solid set of CDN features, then you should certainly test what BelugaCDN can offer for your website. And with its pay-as-you-go payment scheme, it would provide much flexibility for your budget and other business-related expenses.

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