How To Speed Up Web Page Loading Time Of Platforms

How to Speed UP web Page Loading Time

Just a few extra seconds to load a webpage can significantly impact the ability of your business to engage visitors and grow. If you aren’t wondering how to speed up web page loading time, you might be making a huge blunder! By every second of slow loading time, you might be losing out on 11 percent of the page view. Moreover, there will be around a 16 percent decrease in customer satisfaction and a 7 percent loss in conversions. Therefore, knowing how to speed up web page loading time is crucial and not only for higher ranking.

How to speed up web page loading time in HTML?

There are multiple factors that should be considered to speed up web page loading time in HTML. You can majorly enhance the user experience and even get new clients. So if you are wondering how to speed up web page loading time in HTML, here are a few top tips to help you out.

#1 Reduce the HTTP requests

As per Yahoo, around 80 percent of the loading time is wasted in loading the elements of the page, such as stylesheets, images, scripts, etc. All of these elements have separate HTTP requests that take a lot of time to render. So, your initial step should be to minimize these requests. You can know how to speed up web page loading time by reducing these requests by either caching or opting for different methods.

#2 Opt for asynchronous loading of CSS and JS files

The scripts like JS and CSS can be loaded in two different ways. One of them is synchronously, and the other one is asynchronous. When you load the scripts synchronously, all of them will load one after the other one in the exact order of their appearance on the page. On the other hand, asynchronous loading of scripts will take place all at once. You can check how significantly the speed is enhanced on a website load test. This way, the browser can load all the necessary scripts all at once.

#3 Defer JS loading

Deferring is basically preventing a file from loading until and after all the elements are loaded. This is another solid way for those who want to know how to speed up web page loading time. If you are successful in deferring large files such as JS, you will be able to load the rest of the content of your page without any delay.

How to speed up web page loading time in WordPress?

One of the most tried and tested ways of enhancing the speed of your WP website is to use CDN. CDN or Content Delivery Network can help in speed up website load time WordPress and have multiple other perks. But do you know what CDN is? Let's figure out.

CDN is a network of servers across continents that provide cached content that is static. This content is provided from websites to the users on the basis of their location. Wondering how to speed up web page loading time? Simply get CDN for your WordPress website and see how it works wonders.

One of the primary perks of using CDN is that it allows the content to load quickly and efficiently. It can help in distance reduction between the client and the data that is requested. Moreover, it can help in website speed optimization by reducing data transfer. With CDN, the file sizes will be reduced so that the initial page of the site is loaded quickly. Also, it helps in hardware and software optimization to enhance the performance of the infrastructure on the server-side.

How to speed up web page loading time in Wix?

Wix has a lot of features on offer for the businesses, and it encourages them to use a top-notch site to enhance their business. Here are a few tips to know how to speed up web page loading time for sites built on Wix. These tips will also help in improving the customer experience and the performance of your business online.

#1 Use JPG images

Since the images are already optimized on Wix, there is not a lot you have to do to speed up website load time Wix. However, you can use the JPG image format instead of PNG images as JPG can be easily optimized for the web.

#2 Don’t have a lot of custom fonts

If you are looking for a quick solution to how to speed up web page loading time for Wix, you should opt for less number of custom fonts on a single page. If there are more than 3 to 4 different fonts, the page will not be so cohesive, and it will overwhelm the visitors. Also, it will improve website loading time.

#3 Do not overuse social videos

We all know the importance of videos and how interactive they are. Videos are important to engage the customers and to enhance their experience. However, it does not mean that they do not impact the load time. How to speed up web page loading time for Wix sites? Do not use a lot of social videos on the homepage and especially above the fold.

#4 Special effects

If you keep on how to speed up web page loading time, you should use the special effects wisely. You should consider them as elements that will guide the visitor. However, all these special effects need to be downloaded fully before they can be played. Also, you should be careful while using the special effects in the header as these elements will take time. Therefore, consider leaving a good impression when a visitor enters your website by having a quick loading header. So, you don’t even have to worry about how to speed up web page loading time anymore!

These are some of the most effective ways for how to speed up web page loading time for different websites. CDN is a strategy that you should definitely opt for if you want to enhance the website load time significantly. In this digital age, take your brand image and awareness to the next level with an effective and quick loading website.

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