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Office Content Delivery Network

If you’ve incorporated using Office 365 in your company’s workspace, you’re probably basking in how effective it is in rallying coworkers and allowing them to be productive wherever they may be. You've probably heard as well about the benefits of using a content delivery network for your company website. With its caching capabilities, it can allow far-away customers access content from your enterprise’s website without hassle. Office 365 and CDNs are two viable means to be more productive in the online world. What you should consider is building an Office Content Delivery Network. The Office 365 Content Delivery Network is an offering that you can link with your Office 365 functions, to promote productivity and efficiency of your coworkers included in the Office 365 loop. Let’s discuss this further:

Basic CDN Boost

To start with, your Microsoft Office CDN will function like any basic CDN, which has been helping many companies worldwide. Your Office content delivery network will act as a remote server that can cater the same content from your home server to those who access the Office content delivery network. This Microsoft Office CDN will pull data from your home server, to bring to those remotely accessing the same data. Through effective caching, Office content delivery networks save the remote users of time and effort to reach your company’s servers.

Let’s put it this way. Your company puts up a website, and through the Microsoft Office CDN, data is pulled from your home servers, the one that hosts your company websites, and caches as many identical data. Those visiting your website in that area don’t have to take effort in reaching your company website. If one is accessing a website that is situated far away, chances are it’ll take too long. Latency rates will be longer, and traffic coming and going from the website is a lot heavier, considering there are others that access the same website. Through your Microsoft Office CDN, remote users are directed to the Office content delivery network (also known as an edge server) which is closer to them. That means less latency times, less traffic, and faster response times. That is just one Microsoft Office CDN. Imagine the power of many Office content delivery networks working together.

Improve Office 365 Functions

If Office content delivery networks can bring a better browsing experience to your customers, imagine what it can do for your workplace. If you do have a company website, you can unload the website hosting responsibilities from your company’s server to the Microsoft Office CDN. Then, hook up your Office content delivery network to your Office 365 apps and functions to heighten up their capabilities.

SharePoint Online acts as a collaboration tool for Office 365. With the use of a Microsoft Office CDN, SharePoint will find it easier to adapt to the capabilities of the content delivery network, because it is created by Microsoft as well. With the enablement of Office 365 to function easily with Office content delivery networks, other functions will follow suit when it comes to use and functionality. OneDrive is an effective tool for online storage when it comes to your colleagues’ Microsoft Office files, or any files at all. With the speedy delivery of your Microsoft Office CDN, OneDrive can store and delivery files with added speed. Flow is an app that measures the path of online files and how they were manipulated, meaning company leaders can track if a certain project is underway to completion. This capability to monitor projects, handle revisions, and inform key personnel working on specific files regarding urgent changes needed for certain projects, can be quickly done, thanks to your Office content delivery network. These are just a few examples of how an Office content delivery network can work well with Office 365.

Microsoft Guarantee

What is one thing you can be sure of with your Microsoft Office CDN? It has the guarantee of Microsoft, the company known to be part of any household and office. If you enjoy the same quality that Word, Powerpoint, and Excel brought you, the Office content delivery networks can also give you the satisfaction you require as a professional. Think of the possibilities a Microsoft Office CDN can bring to you and your workforce. These are promising changes for your enterprise.

Hit us up at BelugaCDN right now and ask us about the prospect of a Microsoft Office CDN, and what it could do to raise productivity and quality in your office. Just by the name of it, a Microsoft Office CDN, it already bears a name you can trust, in the world of technology and work efficiency.

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