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The ability to host a ton of downloadable content, and also ensure speed of delivery, is key to the success of companies like AppValley.vip (a third party iOS App Store that hosts and distributes apps outside of Apple’s AppStore). With the hundreds of apps they host and allow users to download directly from their site, they need a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that can handle the sheer volume of content. But filling this need efficiently was easier said than done.

When it came time to look for a CDN that would be able to handle all their apps and allow for speedy downloads, they went the usual route. They investigated the tried & true “giants’ like Amazon (AWS) CloudFront and Google, only to find out that these services would have cost them nearly $30,000-80,000 a month! They wondered, “How does anyone expect a start-up to have that kind of money?!”

AppValley VIP App Customer Spotlight

When we asked AppValley’s lead developer and co-founder, Cole, if he’d tried out other CDNs before finding BelugaCDN, he said: “I have, and after seeing the prices of the other companies I almost laughed myself out of my chair. We had a 10Gbps server before this and that was only around $1,000 a month for unlimited bandwidth. So I don’t see how we were supposed to afford the tens of thousands of dollar quotes we received from companies like Amazon, Google, and Akamai.”

App Valley Beluga Signing

The high price of some of these CDNs is definitely daunting for bootstrapped startups or up-and-comers like AppValley. Signing on with Beluga ended up being a no-brainer because when they looked into us, they discovered that we had direct relationships with big ISPs, making us more than suitable for handling the large bandwidth demands of companies like AppValley. Also, our worldwide CDN beat the response time of some of the biggest players on the market like Akamai and AWS.

App Valley’s users needed speed of download above all else…why else go to their site? Once they started using BelugaCDN, they’ve experienced a more stable, consistent download speeds across the globe, making their users very happy.

When we asked Cole for feedback on our customer service, he said he has created numerous support tickets, and “The response time was amazingly fast and my issue was resolved in seconds. They even queried their engineers about a question I had. They definitely go above and beyond.” We love hearing that feedback!


If the big players aren’t working for you, check out BelugaCDN for the fastest global download times at the best price. We love seeing our customers happy and solving problems that other content delivery networks couldn’t (at least without charging tens of thousands of dollars!).

The testimonials speak for themselves: “I think BelugaCDN should be on the top of the player list. At first, I thought it was too good to be true. The prices were VERY cheap. But after trying it out, I really think Amazon and Akamai are going to have lots of trouble keeping up with BelugaCDN.”

Interested in seeing what BelugaCDN can do for your company? Get a free trial and find out for yourself!

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