Here is Why Some Never Write about Transcoder CDN

Transcoder CDN

Today the gradual increase of over-the-top a.k.a OTT has impacted the TV broadcasting ecosystem because of now diversified demands on multiple screen video content consumption. Also, with the use of mobile apps viewing devices and changes in content delivery network (CDN) brings all digital files to its consumer at lightning speed. This lead to no interruption wherever part of the world.

In this article, we will provide you some background about the transcoder cdn as well with the world’s latest video, audio streaming and downloads options.

OTT – The Beginning of Digitalization Era

Since it becomes the mainstream service to its subscribers, lots of broadcasting operators strive to provide it. The success of OTT usually depends on the decoding, encoding and transcoding features to support the multiple formats viewing especially in all devices.

On the other hand, the video transcoding includes streaming procedures and compression which most operators try to improve. Most providers try to develop the efficiency in the H.265, UHD/4K and might as well the HEVC video encoding to establish their huge viewer base.

This means the consumers asks for;

  • multi-format compression
  • multi-screen viewing experience
  • and multi device support

Those three (3) are actually the key to effectiveness and both requires high efficiency transcoder cdn to stay in the competition and gain success of CDN business models.

When it comes to technological phase the video transcoding is the process of encoding which includes the conversion of a video file from another format to another. This factor is essential to make it compatible with any operating system and on various devices.

What is Video Transcoding?

This is the core technology behind the success of OTT. In fact, an efficient transcoding technology is capable to solve the bandwidth and video delivery interference for webcasts and webinars by setting the adaptive formats, the bitrates and frame sizes.

When you think about streaming media, perhaps some of you fall into one of two camps below.

  1. You probably know something about transcoding
  2. You are wondering why you always keep hearing about it

Well, let’s see as we delve into further!

Transcoding That Change Everything!

Transcoding is used as an umbrella term which covers several digital media tasks.

Content transcoding, or digitally converting the format from one another which suitable for many terminal stations. For instance, you change the audio or the video format. You might convert those from an MPEG2 source to H.264 video and AAC audio – the common codec for streaming. The other basic tasks may include logos, video graphics and watermarks.

Also, it has departments that take care of the following:

  • It has workflow in order to distribute content
  • Has incoming files for editing
  • Will make your content available for any purposes

Transrating usually it refers to changing bitrates. For example, you are taking 4K video input stream at 13 Mbps. So you may want to convert into one or more lower bitrate streams.

Transizing it refers to resizing the video frame. Let’s say from a resolution of 3840 px by 2160 turning to 1920 by 1080 up to 1280 by 720 px.

Now, when you transcoding this refer to any combination of the task mentioned above. The video conversion is quite intensive as it requires powerful hardware resources such as faster CPU or graphics acceleration capabilities.

Fiber Optic Network

Some infrastructure is built around 100% uptime fiber optic network. And through this, there are more than 250 video editing sets are linked to the central facilities for storage, editing, final production or even playout. There is also some infrastructure which is ready for future technical developments. When it comes to feeds and streaming, some has its own master control room which gives you immediate access to the internet connects whether it would be a national or international hubs. Some centers has 24/7 playout and catch-up services to several channels

Thus, some provider ensures your content can be shown and distributed accordingly and especially to wide audiences. There are actually platforms, designed so that it can easily reach the public on any conceivable device they have, whether you are using platforms such as Apple iTunes, Microsoft Xbox, Sony Playstation, YouTube, Hulu, etc.

The Background to Consumer’s Requirement

The demand quality of viewing experience increases especially in content selection. This might be costly thus, operators or provider deploy intelligent transcoding appliances enabling devices for live streaming, and probably IPTV functions in different types of mobile internet such as smartphones, PC, TV’s or tablets. The mere fact, hardware appliances for video transcoding performs video decoding and encoding in an effective manner, accelerate GPU related functions as well as appear in modular design for scalability.

Actually, there was a provider in the North America that delivers an x86 intelligent video transcoding platform for video streaming and encoding. It also boosts video service performance as well as OTT or IPTV.

Here we provide you the requirements for better video delivery.

High Quality Performance of Server-grade Processor

This is required in order to perform quality as video encoding and transcoding consume huge amount of bandwidth.

Requires Module Configuration

The transcoding requires this to provide all types of input/output ports such as 10GbE in RJ-45, coaxial cable port or fiber for several video sources. This modular design gives scalability and the capacity to strengthen the infrastructure while reducing OPEX and CAPEX costs.


As provider we protect the intellectual property from being breached by any third parties. Fundamentally, those persona who want to view your content must be authorized or in authority to access it. This means that you content are saved and distributed properly – it is in encrypted format and will only be accessible when the user has the permission to access it.

Also, we have the knowledge and experience in content preparation (CDN) quality control, delivering, file handling as well as we have the certification and expertise of OTT platforms. For more details, you can visit our website and contact us.

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