Vimeo CDN locations: what to look for when shopping for video CDN providers

 Vimeo CDN Locations

There is no turning back. Video streaming has become such a huge part of how we consume and approach media today. It’s not only become a medium—it’s turned into a language. Brands and entrepreneurs now reach out to their markets by producing video content. Engaging people through visual storytelling has become so crucial that there are now millions of agencies that specialize in video editing and services alone. That mentioned, it’s understandable why smart business leaders are curious about where the Vimeo CDN locations are.

Despite tough competition, Vimeo has become a premier go-to staple for professional cinematographers and video connoisseurs alike and the content delivery network technology doesn’t seem to be slowing down. If anything, it’s only headed towards even greater cloud inventiveness. On top of understanding what the Vimeo features and Vimeo pricing are, trying to figure out where the Vimeo CDN locations are is a smart inquiry. Anyone determined to play only quality videos should find out where their video content is being stored.

For this article, we’re talking about why the keywords Vimeo CDN locations have had more than its fair share of searches on Google and what components you should look for in a CDN provider when thinking of hosting video data for your website.

Vimeo CDN locations: what else matters when shopping for a video CDN?

Right off the bat, Vimeo’s privacy section on their website cites that their servers are “located in the U.S. and other countries.” While they don’t disclose exactly which regions and areas their servers are found, here are a few good tips to consider when shopping for a video CDN.

Geography – the internet tells us all we need to know about Vimeo pricing and the many Vimeo features. However, we don’t know exactly where the Vimeo CDN locations are. When you’re shopping for a CDN, it’s important to know where the provider’s locations are. This helps dictate whether or not you should sign up with them. It’s also important to note that going for the provider with the most locations doesn’t always guarantee efficient results. They may be present in plenty of countries, but websites don’t need to be in every single server. Know where your primary markets are and be wise with your provider of choice. Find a CDN that has servers in places your data needs to be stored in the most.

Pricing – this is another important aspect. CDN providers have different strategies when it comes to this and some CDN companies are more transparent than others. For example, you a smaller business that’s leaning towards the pay-per-use pricing tactic or is paying for volumetric amounts of bandwidth in advance a better deal for you? Find out what content delivery service your business needs are and look for a video provider that shares your goals.

Customer Service – this component is straightforward. When you sign up with a CDN provider, you’re entrusting your content, video and other media, to your provider’s servers. Knowing you have a credible team to turn to is assuring. Determine what kind of customer service access your provider extends the CDN package you’re thinking of getting and take it from there.

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Why Vimeo is still on top: Vimeo Pricing and Vimeo features

What sets Vimeo apart from its larger, more present competitor is its branding. It doesn’t try too hard to stand out. Vimeo simply shines because of its video quality. That’s precisely why Vimeo pricing isn’t apologetic, too. Whereas other video hosting sites don’t charge a dime, Vimeo pricing has plans that offer smarter, more premium deals to videographers. Between $7 to $75, users get to choose which plan suits them best.

One of the more noble Vimeo features you can’t find with their contemporaries is how you can use the same URL but replace a video. This comes in very handy when you want to edit something in an already published video.

What’s more, Vimeo also has a pay-per-view feature. This is why many directors and startup cinema studios choose Vimeo. They’re friendlier to artists and they value, very differently, professionals who create videos and movies for a living.

To conclude, it’s understandable why plenty of budding videographers and creatives are curious as to where the Vimeo CDN locations are. After all, Vimeo is a premier source of quality video hosting. What’s important at this point is that you now know exactly what components to consider when shopping for video CDN providers.

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