The benefits of using CDN

Benefits of Using CDN

It’s clear that Content Delivery Networks have drastically shaken up web hosting in the last decade. While they’ve been around for quite some time, their evolution has revolutionized how web hosts accommodate site visitors today. Now, instead of one single web host server sending content to a sea of users all at once, content is accordingly distributed and received by end-users more efficiently thanks to CDN providers. If you’re part of the very few site owners who still don’t understand what the benefits of using CDN are, read on; we could change your mind.

Here are the Top Benefits of Using CDN

Improves Loading Speed

It would be a disservice to our readers if we don’t mention the number one goal CDNs try to meet: improved speed. Ever since CDNs have been around, the internet struggle this technology has been determined to eliminate is latency—the loading time you experience now and then. For those unaware, latency is the period that takes place between a request and the content showing in full. Every single time you visit a link and press on a clickable (photo, video, blog post) you’re sending a request.

CDNs obtain content from its nearest server. Think of the CDN construct like a game of ‘pass the message.’ Servers, too, send each other data so users from all around the planet (or at least zones you’ve chosen for your site) can enjoy your content quickly and simultaneously with everyone else. This results in better visual quality, faster CDN video streaming, and snappier file downloads.

Betters Consumption of Bandwidth

Site owners need to understand that conventional web hosts aren’t designed to carry tremendous online traffic. They simply house your content displayed with beautiful templates, but they’re not obliged to extend efficiency and speed to every single one of your visitors.

When your site is CDN-augmented, your users receive their data from their edge servers—the nodes nearest their location. As a result, this lowers the bandwidth you consume from your web host origin, making your monthly bill a lot cheaper, too. This doesn’t only reduce the bandwidth consumption, it improves the delivery of premium media a to quicker, too.

Enhances SEO

The duration it takes for your web page to completely load has a huge say when it comes to SEO ranking. This is made very clear in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Google says sites that take a longer time to load have a lesser chance of better exposure. Additionally, image utilization also largely determines how high a site can rank SEO-wise. It’s also been proven that web pages that carry a little too many photos load later than those that don’t.

CDNs help improve this concern. Image hosting has also become a service for other leading CDN providers, guaranteeing you that your pictures are received the way they should be: vivid and in the right dimension regardless of device.

Makes for a Great Investment

CDNs used to be hurtfully expensive. But over are those days. Now, even solopreneurs can afford them. The advent of cloud technology has made CDNs accessible, comprehensive, and feasible to a lot of business leaders and creatives alike. BelugaCDN, one of the most affordable providers in the market, offers strikingly fantastic deals where you can be billed only $0.01 per GB of data transferred to a maximum of 500GB for every month.

In other words, CDNs aren’t exclusive to websites owned by corporations. You could be a budding blogger or an engaging wordsmith influencer, a CDN will benefit you just as much. The bottom line is it’s 2019 and the globalization of data and media is rising. When you’re out to sell products and services and you’re determined to expand your market, CDNs are perfect for hitting the notes.

Is it for every website?

It’s true that any site owner can make use of a CDN, but it’s also true that not every website needs it. As you can already tell, the prime function of a CDN is to delivery content snappily. It’s designed to transmit website data to users everywhere in the world all at once. If your site isn’t meant for an international audience, perhaps getting a CDN wouldn’t be as advantageous.

However, if your site has a steady foreign market and generates heavy traffic from time to time, consider getting the best CDN. When your content is consumed by a lot of people at the same time, it’s likely that your site could crash; and when it does that often, you’re bound to lose your visitors.

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