Best CDN for WordPress

Best CDN for Wordpress

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems that let you develop and design pages or posts without having to learn the nitty-gritties of HTML code. Since its launching in 2003, it has been used to build and run some of the biggest and most influential websites on the Internet. With speed and consistency being the key players of today’s digital age, how do these websites keep up? The answer to that is simple: Content Delivery Networks (CDN). A CDN helps in keeping your website’s speed and performance consistent. Choosing the best CDN for WordPress, however, can be a little tricky especially for people who do not have a great grasp on the field of technology. But what exactly is a WordPress CDN? How does it work? Why would your WordPress website need it?

Choosing the Best WordPress CDN

To have an idea of what is the best CDN for WordPress, one must first understand what the problem is. According to —The State of Digital Lifestyles 2018’, 88% of users feel frustrated if there is a delay in content delivery. This shows that in today‚Äôs context, the performance of digital content plays a really vital role in keeping your audience hooked on your website and content. This is where a CDN comes in—they function to host and deliver copies of your WordPress website’s (static and dynamic) content like images, CSS, JavaScript, and video streams. It speeds up the delivery of your website’s content, making your visitor’s experience a lot better!

Choosing the best CDN for WordPress has a lot of benefits that come with it. Studies have shown that a faster loading website can be directly associated with higher conversion rates, decreased bounce rates, and a longer visitor duration. This boost in performance is one of the important selling points of using a CDN for WordPress that is of great benefit for both website owner and visitor. Secondly, using a CDN for WordPress aids in reducing traffic spikes from overwhelming the host, and in decreasing bandwidth costs. Other than this, a CDN for WordPress provides extra security by allowing us users to implement firewalls that help remedy DDoS (Disturbed Denial of Service) attacks.

Here are things to Consider When Choosing the Best CDN WordPress:


Looking for a CDN that has Points of Presence (PoPs) within the area of your target geography will greatly influence your loading speed. The Best Content Delivery Network for WordPress is closer to your server where your files are placed. Think of it in simple terms: the closer your server is, the faster it is to deliver your content to customers and visitors!


The best CDN for WordPress should provide quality, efficient, and masterful customer support. For the regular joe, setting up a CDN might come off as tedious and confusing. Just like everyone else, the last thing we would want is to make a technical error that would lead to future problems. Choose the best CDN for WordPress by considering options that offer reliable 24/7 tech support to prevent unnecessary problems or issues.


Lastly, the best CDN for WordPress should feature an affordable price, especially for people and website owners who are just starting out. Most of the CDNs in the market today are priced in two ways: through custom negotiated contracts, and/or through a usage based model. The former is usually offered by large CDN providers and depends on your bandwidth and feature needs. The latter on the other hand, is a pricing model that is based on per-GB, and typically plummets as volume rises. To choose the best CDN for WordPress, choose a CDN provider that offers the right pricing model for you and your website’s needs.


BelugaCDN is a CDN service provider that specializes in providing its clients quality and affordable services. It has ample enough experience as a CDN provider to meet the standards of its clientele variety while offering relatively cheaper costs. To keep its costs low, the company takes part in exchanges and closed peering. It has direct connections with local service providers instead of jumping through different providers which makes increases speed and performance. It is cheaper than any other CDN provider because it is built on the foundation of providing clients great value without having to compromise performance. BelugaCDN is a worthy provider to consider as one of your choices for best CDN for WordPress.

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