Best CDN Providers For WordPress Website

Best Wordpress CDN Provider

Any serious entrepreneur understands the value a quality website can bring. Numerous studies and articles online cite how much credibility is owed to a business if they run an active site packed with complete information on their products and services. Not only are websites terrific havens for where customers can find out what a business has to offer, they’re also great benchmarks for company branding. And because the majority of the internet now relies on CDNs, it makes perfect sense why more people are looking up what the best CDN for a WordPress website is.

For this article, we’re tackling what components make up the best CDN for WordPress website and why a WordPress CDN should be considered.

Here’s a List of the Best WordPress CDN Providers

Looking for the best CDN for WordPress websites is becoming a challenge for many website owners these days.

That is why you should buy CDN or choose free CDN services that has a strong track record on delivering impressive services for its clients.

In this post, we’ve listed the best CDN for WordPress websites that can certainly catapult your business forward. Here they are:

  1. BelugaCDN
  2. MaxCDN
  3. Sucuri
  4. Cloudflare
  5. StackPath
  6. KeyCDN
  7. Akamai
  8. Optimole

#1, BelugaCDN

When you’re looking for a CDN service that has robust features that can boost and protect your WordPress website, then BelugaCDN perfectly fits the bill.

You may first try its free CDN to have a feel of how it performs, and when you’re satisfied with it, you make that big jump and buy CDN from BelugaCDN.

With its paid version, your WordPress website can be equipped with more features and security that will enable you to reach more potential.

Its free CDN plan is divided into 3 categories.

First is its ‘Pro’ plan, which offers 2,500 GB of traffic. Second is its ‘Business Plan’ that equips you with 25,000 GB of traffic. Last is its ‘Enterprise Plan’ that gives you a generous 200,000 GB of traffic.

Its free CDN plans last up to 30 days, but you can cancel it anytime if you decide to buy CDN from this provider before the plan expires.

Here are more reasons why BelugaCDN is considered by many as one of the best CDN for WordPress websites:

  • Instant Purging
  • Live Video
  • Video on Demand
  • IPV6 Network
  • Large file delivery
  • Anti-DDoS
  • BelugaCDN Sonar™ (Real-Time Traffic Statistics)

It is also considered as one of the best CDN for WordPress websites because it has all the high-powered features of its high-priced counterparts -- at only ¼ of the price.

Who wouldn’t want that, right?

#2, MaxCDN

MaxCDN is one of the most well known WordPress CDN in the market today because of its

user-friendly interface that makes it appealing for beginners.

Also, it’s interface’s ease of use is the reason why it remains one of the best CDN for WordPress websites in the market today.

MaxCDN also works perfectly with plugins like W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache.

These are the main reasons why MaxCDN is considered by many as one of the best CDN for WordPress websites to use when it comes to efficiency and dependability.

If you’re planning to take your first jump at CDN, then you may try its free CDN first, and just like many of its users, you’ll definitely decide to buy CDN from MaxCDN afterwards.

#3, Sucuri

Sucuri’s main strength when it comes to going head to head with other WordPress CDN providers is its security features.

It’s one of the best CDN for WordPress websites that can efficiently take down malware and DDOS attacks.

Also, Sucuri has an efficient firewall that can scan all user requests so it can be filtered properly before it reaches the hosting server.

With these security-rich features, it’s definitely a good decision to buy cdn from this WordPress CDN provider.

#4, Cloudflare

Cloudflare is a great free CDN and arguably the best CDN for WordPress websites for improving your website’s performance.

Cloudflare allows you to secure your traffic with SSL and filter out bot traffic to secure your site, in addition to serving your content via its free CDN.

This WordPress CDN provider also has an easy-to-use control panel, which cleans up cache files automatically, user-friendly interface, manages performance 24 hours a day offers a protection mode and affordable.

These are enough reasons to convince first-time buyers to buy cdn from Cloudflare and why it still remains as one of the best CDN for WordPress websites today.

You can also buy CDN services from CloudFlare that gives you a web application firewall (WAF), image and mobile optimization, and HTTP/2 prioritization.

By being the provider of one of the best CDN for WordPress websites in the market, it’s perfect for both beginners and professionals’ varying needs - whether they try its free CDN first or buy CDN from them right away.

#5, StackPath

Stackpath is known for its easy set up that let users use it right away without any headaches, that’s why a lot of website owners choose to buy cdn from this WordPress CDN provider.

It has blocking and load balancing features that can take down DDoS attacks with ease.

If one of your priorities is your website’s security, then it’s a good decision to buy cdn from a provider that is recognized as one of the best CDN for WordPress websites in the market today.

It is also equipped with a friendly set of tools and APIs that allows for a smooth integration of the developers' apps or websites into the StackPath API.

With these impressive features, it’s no wonder why StackPath is considered as one of the best CDN for WordPress websites in the market today.

This WordPress CDN is one of the most reliable tools you can get for your WordPress website because it combines security, reliability, and ease of use seamlessly.

#6, KeyCDN

When you know that your traffic comes from North America, Asia, and Europe, you might want to use KeyCDN, which is considered as one of the best CDN for WordPress websites today.

The pay-as-you-go plans are one of the great things about this CDN, which can save you time if you're trying to scale up.

If you opt for a paid plan, you can drive down the cost (back to a free CDN) through a program like this.

It can be a challenge to grasp CDN pricing schemes, but the KeyCDN model, given that is is one of the best CDN for WordPress websites in the market today, is refreshingly clear.

There are no differences in network-wide transmission rates. For the bandwidth that you need, you just choose to buy CDN services at a simple flat fee.

#7, Akamai

Akamai, it seems, is a staple brand in any lists of the best CDN for WordPress websites that you see on the web, and it has plenty of reason why it remains on these lists for many years.

Akamai is known for its user-friendly tools which makes it appealing to many website owners.

For the past years, Akamai has expanded its CDN services and developed new servers worldwide for those who are skeptical of free CDN services and want to buy CDN services that are customizable.

Akamai’s wide network coverage is the reason why it remains one of the best CDN for WordPress websites today.

All plans come with 24/7 support and a 100% uptime guarantee, and you can try out a month's free CDN service to check out its performance.

Additionally, once you buy CDN services from Akamai, there is immediate quality reporting and easy integration with Akamai's Web Application Firewall and DNS products.

Akamai, without a doubt, is one of the best CDN for WordPress websites that you could rely on.

#8, Optimole

Optimole is a professional WordPress CDN and image optimization software. Since images are about half of the file size of the average web page, they are one of the most important elements that can be served by a paid or free CDN.

The Optimole plugin that comes with their CDN service has an easy and modern user interface that does not require great technical knowledge, making it one of the best CDN for WordPress websites you can find today.

Besides serving content through your paid or free CDN plan, Optimole also allows you to select the compression level and still preserve the image quality.

With these options, Optimole can certainly be considered as one of the best CDN for WordPress websites in the market today, that’s why a lot of users decide to buy CDN from Optimole right after using its free CDN.

If there’s a paid or free CDN service you use and love that we missed out , please do share your own list of the best CDN for WordPress websites that we can take a look at.

What Is the Best CDN For WordPress Website?

Considering how web host providers have also increased in number, it’s worth taking note of how WordPress remains a favorite to many web developers and solopreneurs alike. This is because, like many businesses, WordPress has chosen to evolve. They’re no longer just a blog software; they’ve become a powerhouse web host provider, as well. That said, what, exactly, is the best CDN for WordPress website?

Because website needs differ according to industry and business scale, it’s hard to pinpoint which WordPress CDN is best. Still, there are a few non-negotiable components every CDN provider should have.

A perceptive customer service team, for example, is something that’s expected from any WordPress CDN. The best CDN for WordPress website should put a heavy premium on making sure client concerns are accounted for. While not too many people look into this aspect early on in their CDN shopping phase, it’s important to remember that CDN providers become legally obliged to help you distribute your web data. In other words, you sign up for them to cache and transmit your web content in their many deployed servers. If anything goes wrong, it’s crucial that you know you can turn to a receptive group of experts to take accountability and help you out. Read what people are saying about the client services of providers you’re eyeing. This should help narrow your choices.

Another prime example of a component that’s integral in the best CDN for WordPress website is transparent pricing. Today’s CDN industry offers a diverse selection of services with varied prices, so you’re always presented an option. Custom contracts are great for massive companies, although pay-per-use CDN benefits startups and SMEs the most. This is because they’re much more predictable and you know, up-front, how much you’ll need to pay for each month. Find a provider that extends rates right off the bat. For instance, here in BelugaCDN, a quick scroll through our homepage instantly reveals how much our rates are. No more hiding facts and no under-the-table fees. Check out our CDN comparison chart here to find out more.

Lastly, the best CDN for WordPress website should complement the locations your website needs to perform best in. Find a CDN provider that has Points of Presence in countries and regions where your digital markets are. If you have a growing Asian audience, find a provider with a data center near the area. If you have a thriving German market, look for a provider with a PoP nearby, too. Remember that the primary purpose of a CDN is to reduce latency by eliminating the gap between users and web host origins. That being the case, the best WordPress CDN for your website should be one that’s within wherever your business needs to be.

Will Free CDN Suffice for My WordPress Website?

Free CDN does have many perks and websites that call for little updates to no updates at all can easily benefit from a free CDN plan. Again, the CDN industry is booming and several providers now extend free CDN services. As a matter of fact, elemental features such as IPv6, instant purging, real-time statistics, and traffic-monitoring, to name a few, can now be availed for free with many providers.

Still, free CDN isn’t the best solution for determined entrepreneurs whose websites are designed to rake in more revenue. For one, free CDN doesn’t guarantee improved website security. If you’re allowing the distribution of your web data to be cached in several servers, you’d want it to be protected. Hackers now have better ways of compromising web content, and the last thing you’d want for your website is to be damaged by cyber-criminals.


Everybody thinks that the best CDN for WordPress websites should only be about features and performance. But the truth is, it should also be about the price.

As everybody providers focuses on features, it appears that no one wants to compete with their price (i.e lower their price).

With this ‘untapped’ opportunity, BelugaCDN decided to give the thing that every website owner wants- a cheap price with the same high-powered features of high-priced CDNs.

And who wouldn’t want to take advantage of that?

These are just one of the reasons why you shouldn’t put-off another chance to try BelugaCDN’s free CDN and eventually buy CDN from them.

Remember: You’re always one decision away to experience one of the best CDN for WordPress websites in the market today.

Never put-off another chance.

If you’re looking for a provider to improve your WordPress website, sign up with BelugaCDN today!

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