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Earlier this year, reported that American consumer spending on SVOD services will jump to almost 30%, resulting in an estimated $24.1 billion increase. These figures are owed to the fact that digital streaming empires such as Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix continue to face new competition in the forms of Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus. Times have changed, and while cable TV still has a steady audience, the number of people switching to streaming subscriptions has increased, as well. From an entrepreneur’s perspective, this can mean so many things. For one, a video CDN free plan has been the go-to solution for many business leaders.

But is this the wisest solution to resort to?

For this article, we’re discussing how cheap CDN can play a crucial role in your website and what a video CDN free plan is, on top of how it’s able to improve digital businesses.

Why Should You Choose A Video CDN Free Plan?

One of the best elements of a website will have to be a video embedded in it. As you all know, video elements on a website can possibly take forever to load.

That is why you should get a video CDN free plan if you would want your websites to have a video that loads smoothly on it. While there is an option for you to buy CDN, there are some more valuable reasons as to why you should opt for a free CDN instead.

Check out the video CDN free plan offerings and features of various CDN providers to see which one best suits your website.

Video CDN Free Plan from BelugaCDN

BelugaCDN may not offer a video centric free CDN, but it makes up for this lack with its free plans that offer generous internet traffic for your website.

It's free CDN plans are divided into three 3 offerings with varying features that all cater to your current needs:

  • 'Pro-Plan' - provides your website with 2,500 GB of traffic
  • 'Enterprise Plan' - equips your website with 25,000 GB of traffic.
  • 'Business Plan' - equips your website with 200,000 GB of traffic.

You can enjoy its free CDN for up to 30 days.

But aside from its generous free CDN plans, you'll surely be delighted to buy CDN from this provider because it only costs ¼ of the average price of its competitors!

Are there any more reasons why you should buy CDN from BelugaCDN? Let us give you some more:

  • Full dual-stack network (IPv4 + IPv6 everywhere)
  • Transfer speed rate limiting
  • Free SSL/TLS on customer domain
  • Pseudo-streaming (progressive streaming)
  • Instant purging
  • Token authentication
  • Real-time log streaming
  • Byte range requests support
  • Only delivery of the HTTP video streams

With its solid and packed features, combined with a free CDN that delivers generous offerings, it's not a question anymore whether to buy or not to buy CDN from this provider.

What to Look for In CDN Plans?

CDN plans differ from one another, as some providers excel in certain areas more than the rest. Despite that, there are a few components that are important to take note of when shopping for providers, whether cheap CDN or not.

Firstly, find a provider that complements your locations. Because speed is the most obvious reason people turn to CDN providers, it’s important that the provider you’re eyeing has Points of Presence in areas and continents your website has to be strongest is. This aspect is even more integral when the content you run consists of large video files.

Secondly, a responsive client services team should never be undermined. Find out what people are saying about a provider’s customer service team, as you’re bound to contact them, too, sooner or later in the future. Being able to turn to a responsible team of experts that take accountability when needed is something you’ll definitely demand when you deploy your video content to a provider’s many servers.

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