Compare CDNs: Prices, Packages, Performance

Compare CDNs

Out in the market to look for content delivery networks? The use of CDNs for many businesses is a key step for many enterprises to reach global success, like with hospitality industry companies like AirBNB, and online retail bigwigs like Amazon and eBay. Being able to cater to many customers across the globe is such a big advantage, as your company can now reach potential customers, and you can make arrangements to allow many customers to avail of your company’s services and products. But before getting CDNs, compare CDNs first. There are many options from cheap CDNs, paid-for CDNs, pay-as-you-go CDNs, even free CDNs. But don’t just stop at the price. There are other considerations out there, and this article just might be your guide to compare CDNs, and to see if the most expensive ones are the best ones, or cheap CDNs and/or free CDNs just might do. Let’s take a look at your options here:

Prices and Packages

Start your journey by doing some time to compare CDNs and their price points. You will be bombarded with a plethora of options, from cheap CDNs and/or free CDNs, to paid-for options. One way to compare CDNs is to look at various price points. For paid-for CDNs, chances are there are more extra services and functions that will be given to you. Then, go ahead and compare CDNs in packages. Various companies provide different options, such as additional cloud space, 24/7 assistance, and real-time statistics. Compare CDNs and the companies they represent, because there will be a lot of them; you might miss out on the best ones.

However, a cheap CDN and/or free CDN might do the trick for you. You might not include these within your options when you compare CDNs, but you might be surprised at how cheap CDNs and free CDNs can do for your company. Providers of free CDNs might strike an agreement with you that they will allow your use of their free CDNs through an ex-deal, like perhaps using your website for advertisement space on their behalf. Also, cheap CDNs or free CDNs may be used within a trial period. This period will enable you to look at their services, use them, and allow you to compare CDNs further through actual usage. This way, you don’t only compare CDNs based on what you read on the internet, but actually get first-hand experience on what can happen and what can the cheap CDN or free CDN for you. At the end of the trial run and efforts to compare CDNs, you might say thank you to the company and move on to the next one, or say yes, avail of longer CDN use, and stop your period to compare CDNs on a high note. Do note discount cheap CDNs and free CDNs yes; the discount in prices might be good for you. After all, free resources for your business is always good, right?


Another way to compare CDNs is to look at their performance. There are a lot of companies out there, providing cheap CDNs and free CDNs or paid-for options that may give you more leverage. However, are they performing at their price points? Cheap CDNs and free CDNs may provide you with the basics of a CDN, and you might find out, after you compare CDNs, that the basics are all you need. Paying for additional cloud space or instant cache purging may not be what you require for good online presence. Online reviews of various CDNs and CDN companies might help you compare CDNs better. These companies have performed differently, and there is also the issue of the more tenured companies versus the new ones. So, whether it’s a cheap CDN, free CDN, or paid-for CDN, it just might boil down to performance. When you compare CDNs, put a pin on this criterion.

BelugaCDN Can Help You Compare

A free CDN could do the trick. A cheap CDN could help you with the basics. Paid-for CDNs could give you a leg up in the CDN game. Whatever decision you arrive with, it might take you time to compare CDNs thoroughly. If you need help in this daunting task to compare CDNs, we at BelugaCDN could either help you with your troubles, or be your final answers in deciding between free CDNs, cheap CDNs, or CDN packages out there. Drop a message to us now so that your time to compare CDNs just might be cut short.

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