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When running a business, it is important to allocate your resources so that profit will be at its optimum, as this profit spells out earnings not only to the company but the employees that work for it. Opting for free resources is actually a viable step that many enterprises take, so that the company will earn more. Part of these free resources you can opt for is the open source CDN server. Any open source software is free software, so you can say that the open source CDN server is a free CDN. Your concerns about it might include will it function like a regular CDN, or that an open source CDN server will be as trusty as any CDN out there. This article is dedicated to answer questions like that. Let’s take a look at these types pf free CDNs and explore how an open source CDN server can be a great asset to your company.

Flexible and Scalable

Creating an open source CDN server might take some time. The free CDN can be made from scratch, meaning you don’t have to scour CDN providers for it, but instead look for the expertise of open source software programmers who can do proper coding to create the open source CDN server. Fair warning though: this might end up to be more expensive that getting a CDN from CDN providers. Readily-made but not free CDNs are created for general usage for all companies, but the open source CDN server breaks from the mould. This free CDN has flexibility, meaning it can have functions that a regular CDN can’t have. You can talk to your programmers and coders to include other functions in the open source CDN server that can only be accessed by your company. These functions may be something that your company requires, or it can support functions that your company needs to adhere to. Nevertheless, free CDNs like an open source CDN server can be modified according to your liking.

Also, open source CDN servers are scalable, which is an attribute that is also shared with most CDNs. The open source CDN server can ride along with company changes such as increase in company size (more employees, more clients, etc.) or if ever, knock on wood, downsizing has to be performed. Simply talk to the coders in case there has to be major changes to be made in the open source CDN server.

On the Spot Changes

Another joy of open source CDN servers is that these free CDNs can be modified right then and there. If you avail of CDNs from CDN providers, if there are troubles that arise, you’ll have to wait for the providers’ response, their own take on the problem, or if they will do something about it at all. With the open source CDN server, especially if your company’s IT team is equipped with the know-how to modify the free CDN, you can apply changes right way in case discrepancies appear. That way, you are assured that you have total control of the open source CDN server, whatever happens.

Just “Copy” The Expensive CDNs!

Another plus of this free CDN? With enough open source software knowledge, you can simply look at the features of other CDNs and incorporate them in your open source CDN server. Others are paying for these functions, but you find your way around with a free CDN that can rival paid-for options out there. Yes, the open source CDN server can mimic the more expensive CDNs. This free CDN option definitely isn’t bad.

Full Ownership

Lastly, this open source CDN server is yours and yours alone. Most CDNs are pre-assembled, and they are owned by the CDN provider and will only be loaned to you if you avail of them. Since you are the one that created the open source CDN server, this free CDN is for you forever. Aside from the fact that it is a free CDN, you will not be hounded by CDN providers to pay for usage after a certain period, or demand payment for maintenance and other things needed to keep a CDN running. While there is added effort of monitoring the free CDN by yourself, at least it is entirely yours. That’s the magic of the open source CDN server.

Let BelugaCDN Start you Off

A free CDN, all to yourself, for you to modify for your liking: how exciting is this? Talk to BelugaCDN for more info on open source CDN servers and other free CDNs that are viable options in pushing the causes of your company. There is indeed great promise in free resources, like open source CDN servers.

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