How to implement CDN in Wordpress

Implement Wordpress CDN

Over are the days when all you’d see on a website are long chunks of paragraphs and only a few photos. Today, websites have added more media to enrich their content and deliver more engaging experiences to their users. On a technical note, however, this has also been a problem as a ton of content slows loading time. If you happen to be a Wordpress site owner and you’re looking to resorting to CDN-support, you’re in luck. This article will talk about how to implement CDN in Wordpress.

According to a source, the average page size is 2.9MB. but as you may have already guessed, slow-loading sites can be detrimental to, not just your sales and your users’ experiences, but also your SEO ranking. Google supports this truth by saying an average site doesn’t even need a full second to load completely.

The truth is, slow-loading sites contribute to unsatisfactory user experiences. This is where a Content Delivery Network (CDN) comes in handy to improve your Wordpress website.

Understanding the basics CDN

Using simple words, CDNs are a bunch of servers scattered in many parts of the world to better relay website content and media to a site’s visitors. That means if the site someone frequents is supported by a CDN, he or she experiences fewer delays because CDNs can transmit data faster versus when a request travels all the way to an organ host’s country.

For example, if you’re from India and the site you keep visiting is one whose web host is London-based, the request your device makes when you open a website no longer has to travel to London. Your nearest server—also referred to as an edge server—sends you the content you request for. Needless to say, these servers also store in advance the content site owners put up on their websites. That way, users from all around the globe consume the same media efficiently wherever they may be.

Popular websites such as Netflix, Facebook, and Youtube all make use of CDNs to better serve their international market. You will find that those determined to make a mark on a global scale make use of CDNs to better grow their audience and global appeal.

As if that’s not enough, one will also find it helpful how CDNs can personalize content to a specific region. For instance, a company can produce exclusive content for its users in Canada. That means, only the server/s that extends a site’s content to Canadian users receive this update.

Is it important, to begin with?

For every website that caters to a global audience or even just a particular market in another country, CDN can be very crucial. It doesn’t matter if you run a personal blog or a store that ships products everywhere, CDNs tremendously enhances overall productivity and one’s user experience.

Plenty of sites from different industries enjoy a variety of services that are presented by CDN providers. From bank companies and government agencies to media corporations and small e-commerce sites, the CDN market is expanding simply because there’s a need for it.

However, in some cases, a CDN may not be the best solution. For instance, when you run a site specifically dedicated to a local community near you, a CDN may contribute only little perks. In situations like these, web hosts can be steady enough to accommodate the kind of traffic your site receives.

Is the process tedious?

There are many CDN providers nowadays and the choice really is up to you. While many have their own strengths and weaknesses, what’s important is you choose a provider that shares your vision. Meaning, go for a CDN provider that provides what you need the most.

Generally, while CDN providers differ in packages and offers, setting-up is incredibly easy and they can be very similar. Once you sign-up on your CDN provider’s website, all you have to do is fill out their form and link your own website. Some CDN may ask for more stuff to fill out than the others, but the target is really just the same—to strengthen your reach and make your visitor’s digital experience better.

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