Best CDN Server to Speed Up Your Website

Best CDN Server

Huge companies like Hulu, Facebook, and Amazon all make use of Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). Without them, the way users approach these brands will drastically change. Considering that the aforementioned businesses are global powerhouses that supply so much more than just an online browsing experience, the cloud content delivery platform plays an integral role in the internet equation of it all. Precisely because of this reality, more and more entrepreneurs continue to search for the best CDN server that complements their business and website needs.

If you decide to buy CDN services, the prices might throw you off. On the other hand, a free CDN plan might not have the features you are looking for.

Naming the best CDN server is a subjective matter, but to make things easier, we’ve come up with a list of the best ones you can consider.

So whether you want to try a free CDN or buy CDN, this guide is for you.

Best CDN Server

  1. BelugaCDN

    When it comes to features, performance, and track record (and even a free CDN), BelugaCDN can deliver the same level of quality of the most popular CDN providers.

    It only differs in one thing though - and it’s the price.

    You may find it as the best CDN server for your website, not only for its features but also on its price as well.

    If you’re just starting out in using CDN, it’s definitely an excellent choice to buy CDN from BelugaCDN.

    With only ¼ of the price that you’ll see on popular CDN providers, it certainly has an asset that can never be found anywhere else, not to mention a great reason to buy CDN from them.

    With its offering of 2.5 terabyte capacity for only $20, it’s an offer that is too hard to resist.

    Even with the price increase because of the rising capacities, it’s still a smart choice to buy CDN from this provider. Why? Because it remains more affordable than other CDN services!

    With this, choosing a provider that has the best CDN server for your website can be a lot easier.

    A 25 terabyte capacity costs $150, 200 TB for $1,000, and 1 Petabyte for $5,000. These affordable prices are definitely one of the best reasons why you should buy CDN from this provider.

    If you think that it will scrimp on its features because of its low price, then think again.

    With features like IPV6 Network, Large file delivery, Instant purging, live video, video on demand, Anti-DDoS, among other things, it’s clearly a heavyweight service for your website.

    Also, it offers a free CDN service, which is a great tool itself, and would definitely convince you to buy CDN from them and try its paid features.

  2. Cloudflare

    Widely famous among many site owners in America, Cloudflare is one of the best CDN for WordPress users.

    It has beginner-friendly interface while providing professional features and settings. Also, you can try Cloudflare at zero cost through its free CDN.

    Cloudflare also offers great security features that comes with its free CDN plan that blocks bots, filters spam, and prevents hackers from penetrating your site. It also detects and prevents DDoS attacks.

    If your definition of a best CDN server is something that values your website’s security, then Cloudflare is certainly for you.

    It also reduces image quality based on the speed of the user’s connection.

    The Pro plan, on the other hand, is priced at $20 (£16) per month, but even with its paid service, it is still regarded by many as their best CDN server.

    When you buy CDN from Cloudflare, it comes with advanced settings so you can tweak and set it according to your liking. This is a perfect option when you’re ready to migrate from your free CDN plan.

  3. Fastly

    Fastly is known to be used by bigger companies that run websites with a large audience like Reddit.

    According to the ranking of CDNPerf, Fastly has the second-fastest speed and has the best CDN server in the UK and an above-average performance everywhere else. These are great reasons to buy cdn from Fastly, isn’t it?

    Unfortunately, Fastly does not offer a free CDN plan, instead, you need to buy CDN services from it through its pay-as-you-go model which starts at $50 (£37) per month.

    Despite requiring you to buy CDN services, the strongest point of Fastly is being a highly configurable CDN.

    A lot of website owners that decided to buy CDN from Fastly considers it as the best CDN server they’ve ever used.

    Their reasons? It offers different types of video caching and settings for those who want to manipulate HTTP headers to tailor how content is being delivered.

    It’s a bit complex to set it up compared to a free cdn, but for those who are ready to buy CDN services with expert features and flexibility, Fastly is a great option.

  4. KeyCDN

    Simple, efficient, and cost-effective, KeyCDN is a good entry-level CDN for first-time users, it can even be their best CDN server at a certain stage of their website’s development.

    Origin Shield, a feature of KeyCDN, allows servers to be specified as the source for updates, rather than taking it from the main server which reduces a server’s load.

    Real-time performance monitoring and reporting tools is one of the reasons why KeyCDN can be someone’s best CDN server.

    When you sign up, you will be given a free 25 GB to use as part of their 30-day free CDN trial.

    Their dashboard is also intuitive and easy-to-use. Also, it has available guides to help you figure out the settings you want which can make it the best CDN server for beginners.

    After the free CDN trial, bandwidth charges start at $0.04 (£0.032) per GB. Deciding to buy cdn from KeyCDN is not a hard choice to make given its capabilities and advanced features in its paid CDN.

  5. StackPath (formerly MaxCDN)

    Just like with other providers, StackPath can be someone’s best CDN server. Why not, when it offers global network services and the ability to fully customize settings so you can determine how your servers will run.

    Even beginners would be delighted to use its CDN capabilities.

    It doesn’t have a free CDN offering, but deciding to buy CDN from Stackpath is well worth it as it has eight Edge locations in the US and five in Europe. You can then add Asia and Australia locations for an additional cost.

    Stackpath’s paid CDN starts at $9 (£6.75) a month for a 100GB account. It’s the best CDN server for someone who seeks a service provider with a wide global reach and clean pricing.

CDN free trial: is free CDN any better?

It would be wrong to dismiss free CDN altogether. The truth is, free CDN does account for several things, and providers extending free CDN services continue to increase by the day. However free CDN can only go so far. While these services may cover, depending on which provider you sign up with, IPv6 features, real-time insights, instant purging, and many other options, security isn’t guaranteed. And when you deploy web data to several servers strategically scattered in many parts of the globe, you’ll want to make sure your site is protected.

Accountability with free CDN can be limited, too. Because you don’t pay for the services you make use of, you’re placed last in priority when you need to reach out to customer service.

Is it time to get CDN hosting?

Although it’s clear that CDN hosting generally benefits many websites, sites that generate heavy traffic benefit from CDN hosting the most. If your site stores a lot of dynamic data, on top of video files and heavy images, resorting to CDN can be advantageous, too.

If you want to know more about how CDNs can help improve your website, contact BelugaCDN today!

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