Free web hosting – Trap or reality?

Unwinding the title

Website hosting covers all the aspects of your website deployment. Now think if it is that important, does the term free web hosting make sense? Surprisingly, it does. Website hosting comes with plenty of features to tackle the hurdles of online world. Free web hosting, on the other hand, may not be feature bulky or offer a premium service but it may be useful for an initial kick off in some cases. Website hosting has its own requirements which may vary from user to user. These requirements may be feature specific or, for startups and very small businesses, cost specific.

Free web hosting

How important is website hosting?

Website hosting is something you should invest on if you can. If you want to save yourself from too much extra spending, cheap hosting and free web hosting may be sufficient for you. Your website is like a virtual business storefront, and a good website hosting changes everything. When I say good, I do not imply costly website hosting. Some free web hosting services are so efficient that they are really giving a hard time to premium website hosting services out there.

Why do I think a good website hosting is essential? It is very clear from someone’s intention of choosing a website hosting service in the first place that they wish to enter the lucrative online world, generally speaking. Premium web hosting and free web hosting has at least one thing in common, and that is serving the basic purpose of conveying your message to the world. So, for something which holds such a prestigious position in your business identity, it is at least worth some research. And we will surely recommend you the best website hosting company out there. Just stick to the end of this article.

Readers often get confused with domain and website hosting, do give this wpbeginner.com article a read for better understanding.

Is free web hosting worth it?

Why would not it be? The question we need to ask ourselves is what are the things we are most sensitive about. Free web hosting might serve your needs in a better way. If you just need a kick start or you are in the very beginning of your business endeavor then free web hosting may prove to be a better choice for you.

Free web hosting is made possible due to Virtual Private Networks or VPNs. The server is hosting multiple websites by using VPN extensions. It has some advantages and disadvantages, but again the pros and cons are established according to specific needs. But generally, let us explore some of the advantages and disadvantages of free web hosting.


  1. Maybe the only advantage of free web hosting is the fact that it is free. Cost can be a decision maker for many websites out there. Not every website belongs to an earning business, there are portfolios, NGOs, causes websites and more of the sort who do not want to spend an extra buck. Free web hosting can be a hassle-free option if you do not have resources to keep a track of monthly subscriptions too. Though it may seem a very little advantage, this is a point of concern for so many businesses.


There are more disadvantages but again, maybe none of them concerns you. It all depends on specific requirements.

Customer Support
Usually in a free web hosting, there is no customer support. Which means if you stuck in a techy problem you have to find a way out yourself. If you have an in-house tech team or you are too techy yourself, it might not worry you.

● Advertisements
This can be a problem for some of us. You might not worry from the fact that your website has ad banners which are promoting other businesses too. One of the reasons to switch to premium website hosting is annoying ad banners all over your website.
Speed and Bandwidth
For free web hosting you have to compromise on speed. If you think you can deal with it then go ahead and get your free web hosting now. But businesses who grow needs a good amount of bandwidth and speed to look out for their traffic. This can be a serious problem and can be a decision maker in choosing premium website hosting over free web hosting.

We have to think objectively before choosing the right website hosting for ourselves. But whatever our requirements are, one thing is very clear that everybody needs cheap but fastest website hosting. In that case do check out BelugaCDN website hosting plans. It is the world’s fastest and cheapest website hosting provider. Check out BelugaCDN website hosting plans NOW!

All you need to know about web hosting services

What are web hosting services?

Web hosting services allows organizations or businesses to place their website on the internet.If you are planning to make a debut in internet world or reading this article to know why web hosting services are the most talked about topic in the website domain, you need to read it till the end.

web hosting services

You might be familiar with the term website design or website development. Someone who has a comparatively limited knowledge about technicalities involving website deployment thinks the only thing to get your website up and running is brainstorming over a catchy website design and hire a great developer. But that is not all!

Let me explain this to you in simple terms. After you have developed your website, you need a place on the internet to deploy your website and put all the website data and content somewhere on the internet where it is accessible to your visitors. This place is hosting, and all these placement related services are called web hosting services. According to website.com article on web hosting services, a web hosting service is a service which provides all the technologies and services needed for a website to go online.

Why do we need a website hosting service?

Someone might wonder why do we need a website hosting service if it is just space on the internet, we want to place our website on? Why not just search ‘free space on the internet’? Well, website hosting is not that simple buddy. It is worthy to note here, by placing a website on the internet, we literally mean buying a storage space and putting a website with all its data and content. Now let us explain how we get storage space on the internet.

Just visualize internet space as a huge network inter connected with millions of physical servers placed on different geographical locations. These servers are like the computers we see every day, just for the sake of basic understanding, with memory units, storage devices, network connectivity, ports etc. When we talk about getting a space for our website or getting website hosting, we actually want to buy some storage space on one of these servers.

Now that we know what a virtual space looks like. It is easier for us to understand why we need web hosting services. Yes, it acts like a real estate agent who will find land according to your various requirements so that you can build your home, the only difference is that web hosting services find space for you in the virtual world.

There are quite a few website hosting providers out there who can confuse you with geeky terms to get their services, but we will not let that happen to you if you stick to the end. We will recommend the best web hosting services provider to you which is not only the cheapest, but also the fastest.

Services needed to get your website up and running

While web hosting services are not the only services you will need to place your website on the internet, it certainly is the fundamental part of website deployment. We have talked about how website hosting works, now let us help you understand what are the steps leading towards final website deployment.

Website design: The design is the initial stage in this process. Clients usually focus on the look and feel of their website, their branding requirements and every apparent reason they can think of. This process is mainly done by website design experts, graphic designers or aesthetic experts. After several thorough brainstorming sessions with all the stakeholders, a final draft is achieved.

Website development: Now the final draft of website design is coded in a language a machine can understand. This is strictly a technical job performed by a web developer. All the user functional requirements and design requirements are kept into consideration before a final product is ready for deployment.

Domain and website hosting: Now this is the part where all your hard work pays off. The domain is just like an address. When your website visitors want to access your website, they will enter that domain name. To help you better understand this, domain and website hosting services work closely with each other. Your domain is the address and website hosting is the physical space on a server.

If your domain is the address, and hosting is the space your website is placed on, so you might be thinking the only smart way is to find a web hosting provider which is very fast, and is flexible to adjust to your budget requirements? The answer to your question is BelugaCDN.

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Factors to consider while choosing a Minecraft server hosting

What is Minecraft?

To understand Minecraft server hosting let us first briefly walk through the idea behind Minecraft. Relax, it is not another hosting service in a world of hosting, Minecraft is an open world game aiming to promote imagination and creativity. It has completely transformed the gaming world with its exceptional creative freedom.

Very basic graphics but plenty to explore.But what does Minecraft and hosting service have in common? Nothing in similarity. But Minecraft players can access a number of Minecraft servers to experience different gameplays,rules and themes.

What is Minecraft

Minecraft world generates content during gameplay, which means it is procedurally generated. Now just like other multiplayer games, one of the players must have a server from a suitable Minecraft server hosting provider

It is possible to host Minecraft server our self

Players usually do not create a Minecraft server hosting themselves but there are so many Minecraft server hosting websites which offers hosting services according to the complexity, gameplay and number of players. So, one can ask what kind of Minecraft server hosting players need? Well, that depends on a lot of other things.

First, we need to understand servers have different specifications and Minecraft gameplay has certain hardware requirements for a smooth gaming experience. Minecraft server hosting needs to be as efficient and reliable as we are sensitive about hosting for our websites. If you are interested to know how can you host Minecraft server on your own check out this Wikihow article.

Although there are several Minecraft server hosting plans out there which are highly flexible and feature loaded, you can still host your own Minecraft server to enable multiplayer gameplay.

What to see while choosing a Minecraft server hosting plan?

We will not get into gameplay technicalities, leave that up to the pros. But there are some generic features we need to keep in mind before choosing a Minecraft server hosting plan or hosting Minecraft server on our own. Before discussing these features, we must keep in mind what do we need when getting any server hosting.

Processor: Just like our common machines, servers are no different. Minecraft server hosting needs a very fair processing speed to enable scalability and seamless gameplay. Before getting a Minecraft server hosting plan or if you are someone who host Minecraft server on your own, do check the server’s processing power, the processor generation and number of threads.

Storage: While the amount of storage required in Minecraft server hosting is variable, but the storage medium can definitely play its part. Even if you host Minecraft server yourself, it is better if the server has a solid-state drive (SSD) since it has high transfer rate and is significantly fast, it plays its role as a performance booster too.

Setup and installation: Nobody likes a time consuming installation or setup procedure. We think this is the most basic minecraft server hosting requirement of all. The setup process must be as simple as it can get. Players maybe experts in minecraft but why test them hard for setups? A sleek setup design is a must for minecraft server hosting.

Latency: Ever experienced glitches while playing a multiplayer game? Ever happened to you a game stuck in the middle and when it resumes you are dead! That is not the case we want any player to go through, be it someone who host minecraft server on their own or rents a minecraft server hosting. Honestly, this latency issue is more related to the placement of server rather than server specifications. To overcome this issue, it would be best if you host minecraft server through a CDN hosting provider.

A CDN based hosting has caches for fast data traversal. It is super-fast and your data is usually located on the server that is placed closest to your location.

There are plenty of more points to look for while getting a minecraft server hosting plan for yourself but that would be player specific.

Like we discussed above, a built-in CDN based hosting would be a great idea, your gameplay will be absolutely seamless without any glitches. And if that hosting provider also offers the cheapest and most affordable packages there is even more reason to get that hosting. And what if I tell you BelugaCDN hosting plans are not only flexible and cost effective, they are world’s fastest built-in CDN hosting provider.

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Free website hosting – everything you need to know!

Deciphering the term

Web hosting manages all the angles of your web deployment. That clearly means it holds a very crucial role. Now if it is that crucial, do you really think free website hosting is a thing? You may not believe it but it actually is. Web hosting has so much to offer depending on user priorities.Free website hosting may not offer a wide range of features, but it sure can be pretty sufficient for a very budget constrained startup.

Free Website Hosting

The importance of web hosting

Web hosting is your pathway towards a very lucrative and ever demanding internet world. While free website hosting may have its disadvantages, it can also be better than premium web hosting in some cases. It all starts with jotting down your business requirements. A good web hosting means a better online reputation.

And if you consider your website to your prime source of contact, like an e-commerce store, then you have to spend each penny you can to make the user experience worth it. A good web hosting has features like security certifications, speed, bandwidth, storage space and several others.

To help you understand with a real life example, just imagine if a customer tries to walk into your shop, and the door does not open smoothly, that’s speed, or enter in your shop and after some time a burglar breaks into your shop stealing everything including your customer’s belongings, that’s security or your shop has a very narrow entrance such that it gets impossible for customers to enter in busy hour, that’s bandwidth.

So, whether you opt for free website hosting or premium web hosting, you need to keep in mind the consequences. We will recommend the best web hosting service at the end which has all the preferred features and is cost effective too.

Why to choose free website hosting

The foremost or may be the only reason to choose free website hosting over premium web hosting is the fact that it’s FREE. Now that may sound foolish to some thinking why would a business risk its reputation over a couple of extra bucks, but at the same time financial constraints might be the biggest decision maker for so many out there.

Apart from the fact that it’s absolutely free, it also comes with an added advantage of not worrying about too many subscriptions and keeping records of transactions.

We need to keep in mind that all websites do not necessarily mean they belong to some business websites can be personal portfolios, non profit organizations which clearly do not care about how they look on the web, rather they need to save some bucks.

Why not to choose free website hosting

Premium web hosting services are feature loaded. While there are plenty of features that are considered as an essential these days, we will discuss the few of them which are mostly the cause of client’s dissatisfaction on free website hosting.

Speed and bandwidth: Both of these features are considered the most important key points a web hosting service is assessed on. They are not only important for search engine optimization, but also builds your reputation. Businesses who think their traffic will increase in a trend never compromise on speed and bandwidth.

Free website hosting comes up with limited speed and bandwidth since they are sharing servers for multiple other websites by using virtual private network (VPNs). To know more about web hosting bandwidth read this wpbeginner article.

Annoying advertisements: A premium web hosting would never put ad banners on your website to earn money. But it sounds fair if a free website hosting service does that. Again, some websites do not care if there are some ads popping up every time a user visits their website. But it is definitely something to put your thoughts on before getting a free website hosting plan for your website.

● Technical Support: Ever stuck in a situation where you have to scratch yourself? A lot of web developers happen to be in this position more often than they think. In situations like this, there is only one messiah, the customer support team. Unfortunately, free website hosting does not offer customer support. You might not need it if you have in-house geeks, but like I said, most of us need them more often than we think.

So, businesses have to choose wisely before getting a free website hosting or paid web hosting. Either way, saving money is an important aspect. And we just know a built-in CDN hosting service which is not only fastest, but one of the cheapest with the most advanced technological architecture. BelugaCDN is the world’s fastest web hosting service provider. Check out their plans now!