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CDN Components – What is Content Delivery Network and How Can it Help your Website
CDN Components

If you own a website and you use it for your livelihood, then it is important that you maximize its reach and its speed.

You want to maximize the reach of your website because the more visitors it has, the more possible profit you can make, depending on your business model.

But extending the reach of your website is not enough if the new visitors are not having a good experience with your website because of slow loading times.

Fortunately, the answer to both problems is the same solution. Content delivery networks or CDN solutions can help your website extend its reach globally while optimizing the elements of the web page for fast loading.

Content Delivery Network Definition and Components

Content Delivery Network or CDN refers to a series of servers hosted by a CDN provider in different locations around the world.

The purpose of having multiple servers around the world is so that web content requests will always be served by the server nearest it, proximity wise.

Also, because different servers are used to respond to web content requests, the traffic load is distributed to multiple servers, not one server is overloaded including the host origin server.

This also results in visitors getting better quality and faster website experience.

The Host Server and the Point of Presence Servers

The two main components of CDN solutions are the host server and the Point of Presence (PoP) Servers.

The host origin server is where the actual website and its content is actually stored and hosted. It has the original content that needs to be distributed.

Point of Presence servers or PoP servers are the multiple servers distributed around the world. A cached version of the original content.

Contrary to what a lot of people believe that PoP server by CDN solution providers aims to replace traditional hosting.

That is not the case, it actually complements and supplements the service of host servers. The host server takes care of hosting the website, the CDN is the one extending its reach and accelerating its load speed.

Benefits of Content Delivery Network

When you sign up with a reliable CDN solution, your website will get the following advantages.

Extended Reach

Top CDN providers have very large capacity to accommodate multiple servers around the globe across different networks. This allows CDNs to provide your website with an extended reach while ensuring that visitors from different countries still have access to fast and reliable content.

Accelerated Speed

The large capacity of CDN servers to handle huge traffic already lends itself to helping your website load faster. However, that is not all what CDN solutions can do. It also optimizes the web elements by pulling from sources with the shortest route, mapping paths that will be the fastest way to deliver content, and reducing the bandwidth needed to download web content element including big downloadable items like images and videos.

Reduce Latency

Latency refers to the time it takes for a web request to travel from the web visitor’s device to the time it takes for the host server to respond to this request and deliver the right web content. Of course, the farther the visitor from the host server means longer transmission, which also translates to more latency. But by having multiple servers around the world, the web request no longer has to travel halfway around the world to reach the origin server, it will instead be sent to the nearest PoP server, which will deliver a cached version of the requested web page. The proximity of these PoP servers significantly reduces latency.

Trackable Performance

Another benefit of having a content delivery network solution to boost your website is that you can monitor and analyze the performance of the CDN solution itself. With built-in reporting and analytics tools, you are able to get insight into how your content is being delivered and see opportunities for improvement. This way, you can continue configuring the CDN solution to maximize its ability to extend your reach and accelerate your website.

Security from DDoS attacks

Top CDN providers have mitigating tools against unwanted traffic like DDoS attacks. These tools include different authentication certificates (TSL) and tokens. Plus, the sheer amount of volume of traffic CDNs can handle itself is a deterrent to DDoS attacks as well.

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