CDN Cloud Service

CDN Cloud Service

CDN-Supported Cloud Computing

In this day and age, productivity is more than just being efficient when it comes to office management and rallying the workforce to achieve more. What is required for each professional is to be technology-savvy as well. Means to deliver outputs in the fastest way possible, plans to expedite efficiency and productivity, and processes that will entail each person to contribute to company goals are needed. In this regards, you need CDN cloud services.

When we mention cloud services, we talk about two important aspects of online productivity: content delivery networks, and cloud computing. CDNs and cloud computing are actually part of all, if not most, of your daily activities. From withdrawing money from the ATM, to sending emails to your co-workers, to viewing a movie on Netflix or a condo unit to rent on AirBNB, these processes are possible thanks to CDN providers. And these CDN cloud services, that helped shape many companies as we view them today (Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc.) are now at your reach. CDN providers are out there to help you with your cloud CDN needs. These CDN providers will also make sure to assist you as you align your cloud CDN to various processes needed to forward company goals: maintaining a hassle-free company website, reaching out to clients, ensuring that the workforce is functioning well, etc. CDN services are surefire means to help you keep up with the developing world of technology alongside making your enterprise achieve more goals than ever.

Why you need CDN Cloud Service?

Any company that doesn’t leave a strong, digital impact almost immediately takes second place, if not third or fourth. Competition is stiff now, and brands that don’t have functional and comprehensive online footprints get left behind. This is why websites remain to be crucial. In the face of persistent rivalry, it’s important that brands have a haven in the internet space that best reflects what they’re about and what they offer. Precisely because of this, the CDN cloud service industry has thrived, too. Content Delivery Networks, after all, now manage half of the internet—if not more.

For this article, we’re discussing why you need cloud CDN services and why the best CDN could be the most affordable one there is in the market.

Does my business really need a CDN cloud service?

In 2017 alone, the content delivery network market was estimated to have almost reached the $7 billion mark. How much more could it be this year? Given today’s internet-consuming world, the need for a CDN service has heightened even more. Businesses and companies are transferring many of their assets on the cloud and we’ve all become reliant on the world wide web in one way or another. Whether it’s paying for bills or shopping for shoes, we all turn to the internet to get many of our deeds done.

So how exactly does a CDN cloud service benefit your brand?

CDN providers present plenty of benefits, and companies that generate heavy traffic are ones that benefit from CDNs the most. Still, that’s not to say CDNs are solely for websites that acquire a huge following. Websites that store a lot of dynamic media, on top of video files and tons of images, also greatly benefit from CDN providers. Websites that have audiences in more than one country or region should also start investing in CDN services, too. CDN providers make browsing much easier for users all around the globe, and the utilization of CDN largely reduces latency.

Reasons Why Should You Get A CDN Cloud Service

You’ve probably heard your fellow website owners and have seen how ecstatic they were when they’ve used a CDN cloud service for their websites.

You’ve seen countless testimonies on the web about this specific content delivery service, and how much website owners are recommending it.

Now, you are ready to jump on the CDN cloud service bandwagon, but the problem is, with tons of such services you see on the web, you’re having a hard time choosing the best CDN service for your business.

Well, worry no more, let us lead you on the proper starting points and a neat list of top players in this cloud-based content delivery field.

But before that, let’s have a short refresher on how a CDN cloud service can really benefit your business.

Benefits Of Getting A CDN cloud service

You can tap the power of a CDN cloud service if you would want to increase the loading time of your webpages or web applications.

But aside from this benefit, this content delivery service can also equip your business with the following features:

  • Equal load distribution among different servers
  • Prevents possible threats and attacks
  • Increased web page uptime
  • Optimized web page speed
  • Increased user satisfaction
  • Improved search rankings
  • Automatic data analytics

These are just some of the few benefits that you can get from a CDN cloud service. While there are a lot of content delivery network providers in the market, the functions of these specific CDN services are not basically the same.

Also, choosing a CDN cloud service must depend on what your applications currently need. With this, you have to first assess everything that you’ll be needing before jumping into any cloud-based content delivery services.

Top CDN Cloud Service Provider

#1 BelugaCDN

You name it, and without a doubt, BelugaCDN surely has it. This CDN service can certainly offer what other big and popular content delivery services has to offer.

But the question is, what would convince website owner to entrust their content delivery needs to BelugaCDN? Well, it is something that other content delivery services might not yet ready to offer anytime soon: the price.

At only ¼ of the price, but with the same high-quality performance that other popular content delivery services can offer, this is an offer that is hard to pass on.

Here’s a quick look on what other features can this CDN service has to offer:

  • BelugaCDN Sonar™ (Real-Time Traffic Statistics)
  • IPV6 Network
  • Instant Purging
  • Anti-DDoS
  • Live Video
  • Video on demand

#2 Cloudflare

Cloudflare is a CDN cloud service that offers free plans to its subscribers. If you are looking for a content delivery provider that offers a reasonable price, then Cloudflare is perfect for you.

This CDN service is also suited for small websites and businesses since it will not cost much, should they choose to get this CDN cloud service.

While there are some limitations when it comes to its free services, users may choose for an upgrade by paying a minimal amount for the pro plan. The following upgrades come with the following features:

  • IPV6
  • HTTP/2 and SPDY
  • WebSockets
  • Restful API
  • Basic DDoS protection
  • Globally load-balanced CDN
  • Operational spam and content scraping protection

#3 MaxCDN/StackPath

StackPath is also one of the CDN cloud service that users may opt to get. With this content delivery service, users will be able to install and control their CDN networks very easily.

With its 45 locations scattered and based in North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Australia, and New Zealand, no one would doubt the competitive advantage of this CDN provider.

Having multiple access points is an advantage of a content delivery service, in which StackPath clearly possesses.

While this is not a free service, users will be able to get all of StackPath's CDN services at a relatively low and reasonable price at only USD 10 per month.

The features of this content delivery provider are as follows:

  • Includes firewall
  • Purging cache, view reports and set up locations
  • Add SSL certificates or use a shared SSL certificate
  • Load balancing and blocking
  • Protection from DDoS attack

#4 Sucuri

If security is your main focus, then you cannot definitely go wrong with Sucuri.

Sucuri's is widely known as a website security company. However, there is more to that. It is also a CDN cloud service that users can tap to power up their websites. WordPress users would definitely benefit the most from this CDN service.

The advantage of this content delivery provider is its flexibility. This means that users can combine Sucuri with any other CDN cloud service to make a more powerful tool.

Of course, it will depend on users if they want to equip their Sucuri with an additional content delivery network or not. Even though it will make for a more powerful CDN service, customers have varying preferences regarding this thing.

Firewall block, monitoring of reports based on uptime, malware, blacklist, SSL, and DNS are some of Sucuri’s top features that can benefit your business.

Improve Cloud Computing Capabilities

Cloud computing is an important aspect of productivity through modern technology; cloud CDNs can help you use is properly. Through CDN providers, you may opt to put functions of your office apps online so that they will be expedited through the cloud CDN. Talk to your CDN providers to assist you in syncing your application files to the cloud, and your cloud CDN will simply deliver data to your apps in the most efficient means possible. Many service providers are utilizing cloud technology to deliver high-end processing in boosting how apps work. With CDN providers placing your app files on cloud storage, and catalyzing the cloud CDN to synchronize how the app will work on desktops and other computers within the company’s network, productivity of these apps are made not only faster, but with less hassle. Especially that many service providers nowadays are utilizing SaaS, or Software-as-a-Service, CDN providers will be doing a similar offering, but empowered further through cloud services. In SaaS, high-end yet data-heavy applications are housed in the cloud, meaning your office does not have to worry about data storage and memory utilization, simply because the office’s home servers and physical storage devices are not free to house other files. In this regard, cloud computing not only helps the overall productivity of the office, but is even powered up through CDN technology. CDN cloud services will work wonders in making sure office applications will run smoothly. Talk to your CDN providers in making sure that cloud computing is made even more efficient through cloud CDN services.

Improve Content Delivery

And of course, CDN cloud services will bring data faster to all end users, may it be your clients or potential customers, business partners requesting specific files or reports, or fellow professionals working with you for a common goal. CDN providers may link your company’s online spaces to the cloud CDN. In effect, the cloud CDN will facilitate the easy delivery of data to all those who request for them. For customers looking into company resources, their website experience will be just the same wherever they may be, because CDN providers have linked your company’s websites to specific cloud CDNs all over the globe to facilitate website browsing for anyone. CDN services also bode well for remote professionals or company partners working with you. CDN providers will ensure that requests for certain data will also be facilitated by the cloud CDN, and attended to properly without hassle. It will make sure that your business partners and fellow professionals will have a problem-free online experience as well.

Cloud CDNs are a fusion of fast data delivery and proficient use of online processes. Turn your enterprise into a bastion of modern technology through CDN cloud services. To get to know more about cloud CDN services, and what to ask of your CDN providers once you are fully-decided to avail of cloud CDNs, talk to us at BelugaCDN. We will give you all the information you need to catalyze your workplace to promote productivity and efficiency further.

How do CDN Providers help?

Decreased server load

Strategically distributed servers found all around the planet form the backbone of what CDNs are about. With a CDN cloud service, you’re better able to accommodate more users simultaneously since your web content is efficiently spread out and cached on many servers. As opposed to your users obtaining web content from only one large server, your website can more effectively respond to multitudes of users all at once.

Faster web data delivery

This is, perhaps, the biggest reason why people sign up with CDN providers, to begin with. Once you make use of a CDN cloud service, your web content, as stated earlier, becomes available on several servers. That means when users try to access your site, they’re routed to whichever server is closest to them. This reduces the travel time their request to the origin server makes. As a result, web data is delivered to their devices in no time.

Easier audience-segmenting

Similar to Netflix content, some CDN providers allow certain content to be delivered only to some of their Edge servers. For instance, if you have unique products that you sell only to your Asian market, your Australian and English audiences—again, only for example’s sake—don’t have to have access to these promos. You can choose which content to publish where. For any website that banks on selling products and services, this CDN feature makes so many things easier.

Faster analytics

Whether or not you sign up with the best CDN, many providers offer real-time insights as to how your website is performing. This could mean access to valuable information in no time. If you’re one who consistently checks on which products are selling fast and what particular website content is gaining faster traffic, you’re going to want to sign up with CDN providers.

Improved security

Another elemental feature CDNs offer is heightened website security. When your content is stored in many CDN servers, providers make sure your data isn’t easily compromised. This becomes extra useful to brands that are packed with a lot of sensitive information—client bank accounts, users profiles, etc.

Why the best CDN for you is affordable CDN

It’s become much harder to label one provider the best CDN, simply because every business has different needs. Websites are the same, too. What works for some websites might not always work for yours'. And because there’s a CDN provider for almost every business scale, the best CDN should be one that meets your website needs without breaking your budget. Although there are tons of leading CDN providers, their rates are often too high and too expensive. Cheap CDN like BelugaCDN has been a terrific alternative for those unable to shell-out massive budgets.


These are just some of the CDN cloud services that you can avail of. While there are a lot of content delivery networks that you can choose, you have to see which CDN service would perfectly fit for your needs.

Without a doubt, a lot of content delivery services are willing to roll out competitive features for consumers. But there is one thing that not every CDN service providers are willing to offer: a very low price. This is where BelugaCDN comes in.

By offering a very low price but delivering the same high performance features found on other content delivery services, there’s no doubt that it’s a solid choice for all your content delivery needs.

If you’re looking to up your website game, sign up with BelugaCDN today!

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