CDN Network Solutions ’ Helping Your Deliver the Best Web Experience

 CDN Network Solutions

If you want to deliver the best web experience to your users, the best way to go is to partner with a content delivery network (CDN)provider.

With CDN network solutions, your website will be able to provide a better and faster web performance for your visitors and users through static assets from the edge.

A reliable CDN provider has the capacity to augment your web performance because they have large scale network pipes, more servers around the globe, and some of the best network peering functionalities than what your company can do on their own.

And because they deliver it as a service to multiple clients across the world, they are able to leverage economies of scale to offer it as a cost-effective yet high-level CDN solution.

What to Expect from A Reliable Content Delivery Network Service

A reliable CDN network solutions provider should have the capacity to deliver the following:

CDN that is Faster than origin

A reliable CDN provider should be able to deliver a faster web experience than the original server because aside from big network pipes, more servers around the world, and better peering functionality, they can also provide additional capabilities like site acceleration which is more than just serving static files.

CDN is reliable at delivering small and large payloads

A reliable CDN is not bogged down by the size of file payload it has to deliver through its network. Whether it is a small text file or a big video payload, a reliable CDN can make the whole experience seamless.

CDN Reduces Geographical Limitations

The whole idea of CDN is that it allows you to deliver the same web experience as the people next to your original server to the people who are on the other side of the globe. A reliable CDN accomplishes this by minimizing latency in fetching all of the items on a web page.

What are the Benefits of CDN Network Solutions

Aside from giving your web users a better experience in your website, a reliable CDN network solution can also provide your business with additional benefits and advantages including:

Helps Your SEO Efforts

One of the most important ranking factors in search engine optimization (SEO) is page speed. All things equal, Google will rank a web page higher if it has fast loading time compared to others. A reliable CDN lets you achieve this.

In addition, the fast load time will also increase the frequency at which Google crawls your images, which allows it to be indexed faster for Google Image Search as well.

A More Reliable Website

A reliable CDN architecture allows for redundancy of service. Since your website’s r no longer have to burdened too much.

Also, if one POP goes down, the request is simply passed on the next nearest one. After all, CDN request are always routed to the nearest available POP.

Better Security

CDN network providers have a lot of security measures in place to protect your website especially against DDoS attacks. Since a lot of the traffic of your website will be served through the CDN, DDoS attacks can be mitigated on the edge servers.

In addition, a reliable CDN features SSL and Secure Token. Through SSL, traffic is always encrypted between the CDN edge servers and origin servers. Also, the secure token lets you generate secured links that are valid only for a short period of time. After which, people won’t be able to access the content anymore.

Easy Deployment

CDN network solutions are also pretty easy to deploy. They work in most platforms or content management systems and can be implemented in minutes. Whether you are running WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or Wix, a reliable CDN should work just fine.

Cost effective Solution

There is a misconception that CDN network solutions are very expensive. But if you look at the bigger picture and the amount of benefits that you are getting, you are actually getting a good deal. Aside from the speed boost and global availability, it also reduces the cost of bandwidth compared to traditional web hosting and takes a lot of load off the origin server.

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