Harness Multiple CDN Usage with a CDN Selector

CDN Selector

Businesses are adhering to many benefits of using a content delivery network. Companies like Netflix and AirBNB started out their CDN plans some time ago, and since then have developed usage of dual CDNs or multiple CDNs. They’ve reached major heights with revenue and name retention. Thanks to strict CDN plans and using not only one but dual CDN or multi-CDN arrangements, we know these companies as household names. CDN plans utilizing dual CDN or multiple CDN architecture might do the trick for your enterprise too, and calibrated CDN plans will work well with the use of a CDN selector. With a CDN selector, you can create CDN plans that will activate your dual CDN or multi-CDN settings, and this will not only help you reach many customers all over the globe, but also assist clients in having a great online experience. Let’s take a look at how a dual CDN or multi-CDN setting can be made ever more useful thanks to CDN selectors.

CDN Server Assignment

Using dual CDN settings or multiple CDN arrangements is already a good step in amping up your company’s online performance. With a dual CDN setup, you can assign certain functions for one CDN, like office productivity, and the other for website hosting. Aside from dual CDNs, multi-CDN arrangements will make even better options for your company. However, without a CDN selector, the dual CDN setup will only use as it will be initially assigned. But with a CDN selector, you can make use of your dual CDN setup or multiple CDNs to the fullest, by allowing any of your dual CDN functions to happen regardless of the CDN’s location. This will enable both website visitors and your remote employees to be able to access all CDNs in your dual CDN or multi-CDN structure, because the CDN selector will not only create CDN plans of rerouting, but even expedite these CDN plans for efficiency.

A key characteristic of the CDN selector is load balancing. While a dual CDN or multi-CDN setup is enticing for many companies, these CDN plans won’t work efficiently if not handled well. For example, in a dual CDN setting, one CDN handles office productivity by hosting company online storage, hosting of apps, and other functions you wish to include in CDN plans for the office. The other CDN is for website hosting. Customers will be assisted by this other half of the dual CDN setup, by doing origin pulling from your company’s home server. However, what happens if your website becomes loaded with server traffic? It would be nice if the dual CDN setup will also help each other balance the traffic, but that won’t happen. This is because in CDN plans you implemented, one CDN is only for one function. This is where the CDN selector comes in. The CDN selector will allow any of the CDNs to function for anything. In other words, through load balancing, the CDNs’ cache won’t have to handle too much data, because the CDN selector will activate the other CDN to help in the handling of traffic load. This way, your CDN plans have not been augmented, and you get the most from dual CDN or multi-CDN plans. The CDN selector activates both equally, giving you more bang for your buck.

Multi or Dual CDN Re-Routing

It now appears that CDN plans of dual CDN setups or multiple CDNs needs a CDN selector for functions to run well. It’s not a requirement in most CDN plans, if not all CDN plans, but CDN selectors seem to be a necessity. Re-routing is a function that can is well-performed by the CDN selector, and since the CDN selector will route online users to any of the CDNs, that means you don’t have to assign certain CDNs in your dual CDN or multiple-CDN structure for a specific function. CDN plans can now cater to any kind of data, from office-related uploads to website hosting for commercial use. Indeed, a CDN selector makes your CDN structure more robust and functional.

BelugaCDN Can Tell You More

Investing in technology is a required business step nowadays; CDN plans are an example. Knowing about CDNs, dual CDN or multi-CDN use, or CDN selectors will definitely push your office and your enterprise to greater heights, and BelugaCDN can help you well with it. Strike a conversation now with BelugaCDN to list down your options when it comes to dual CDN setups, multi-CDN usage, and CDN selectors. If you want the same success as Netflix and AirBNB have achieved, catalyzing your dual CDN or multi-CDN architecture through a CDN selector might help you. So go ahead, talk to BelugaCDN now.

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