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CDN Service Providers

Often, most smartphone apps and websites are managed from one location. As a result, those that access these digital spaces request for content that could literally be miles and sometimes even continents away from a user’s location. The farther the servers are from a site visitor, the longer it’s going to finish loading, creating an inconsistent experience for your users and potentially affecting your sales. This is where CDN service providers enter the picture. If you don’t know much about the cloud content delivery platform just yet, this articles for you.

For this write-up, we’re discussing how CDN works, how your business can benefit from CDN service providers, and what to look for when shopping for the best CDN.

How CDN Works?

To start, a Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a cluster of servers strategically distributed around many parts of the globe. That said, CDN service providers help distribute your data more efficiently by deploying your web content to their many servers, greatly reducing latency and improving your SEO efforts tenfold.

How CDN works is simple: if a website’s origin server is based in Boston, people in New York will receive your content much quicker compared to those in Los Angeles or Singapore. But because CDN service providers generally have servers in many strategic locations on the planet, your site’s users can obtain your web data through the server nearest them. These are referred to as Edge servers, meaning the server that’s closest a user. So, if your site’s origin server is based in Boston and the provider you sign up with has a server in, say, Hong Kong, those in the Philippines and China will be able to load your content sooner, too.

CDN service providers temporarily store your web data so it’s transmitted from their Edge servers. So, whether you sign up with the best CDN or otherwise, partnering with a service provider allows your users to access your web content more easily.

The Benefits of Signing Up with the Best CDN Service Providers

Learning how CDN works adds value to your brand as there are several benefits of signing up with CDN service providers.

If anything, over are the days when only established corporations could afford the cloud content delivery medium. As the demand for CDNs rises, the CDN industry has also been very dynamic, not just with technology and specialties but more so on pricing.

Check Out How the Best CDN Can Benefit your Website

Better speed

Speed has got to be the number one advantage people get when signing up with CDN service providers. Because users can now access web content through their Edge, latency is drastically reduced if not eliminated. One of the first things website owners and business leaders notice is how fast their site can transmit content. The easier it is for your customers to visit your site and load your web pages, the easier it will be, too, for you to make better sales.

Online reliability

Because your web content is effectively distributed in a provider’s many servers, the likelihood of your users being able to access your site despite being offline is low. Remember that CDN servers can cache your web data so even if your origin server is down, your users don’t immediately have to know since they can still open many of your web pages. Not only does this give the appearance of online consistency, but it also makes your brand more reliable.

Improved SEO and security

One of the best things you get from a speedy website is improved Search Engine Optimization. Google says a requirement for a site to rank high on search engines is partly dependent on how fast their web pages load. And because CDNs cater to this feature, getting a better SEO score is much more feasible.

What’s more, CDNs also make use of multiple layers of security to better protect your web data. Technology has made cyber-thievery much more attainable for a lot of people, but with CDNs, your web data becomes harder to penetrate and compromise.

Why CDN Service Providers Are Important For Your Business?

Whether your website is for personal or enterprise use, CDN service providers can help you keep your visitors and prevent them from ‘slipping out’.

With this, your website should run all the time with a good content delivery service at its side.

CDN service providers can help website owners and developers in boosting the speed of their website and secure it at the same time. These features should be one of your top criteria when choosing the best CDN for your website.

CDN services are usually added to optimize the web page's loading time, no matter how heavy the elements are on it. This is just one of the main, and probably the most important reason why you should consider getting a content delivery service for your website.

Now that you know how important this service is, the next thing you have to know is which of the top CDN service providers in the market today is the best CDN for your business.


One thing is clear: all the CDN service providers mentioned above are all geared up to compete for our attention (and for our pockets, too).

But choosing the best CDN for your website shouldn’t only be based on features alone, but on its price as well.

A content delivery service with advanced features (but with a high price tag) can certainly benefit your website. But a service with the same features (but) with a very low price can surely do much more benefit!

BelugaCDN is a content delivery service that has the best of both worlds- advanced features and affordability.

If you are searching for the best CDN for your website, then BelugaCDN should certainly be in your shortlist of the CDN service providers that you would choose.

Should I Sign Up with A Provider?

Anyone knows that the best CDNs are effective. But does that mean every single live website can benefit from it?

A quick answer would be no. There are now several providers that extend free CDN, so if your site doesn’t exist to rake in revenue, perhaps you could go that route. The biggest hint as to whether it’s time for you to buy CDN is when you notice an increase in web traffic.

For more information about how CDN works, contact BelugaCDN today!

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