CDN Strategy – Accelerating Your Website Speed and Extending your Reach

Let’s face it. Having a beautiful website is not enough to have web visitors stay. You may have the perfect design but when it takes several seconds to load each page, then the visitor will just get tired and will look for another resource somewhere outside your web domain.

CDN Strategy

You have a beautiful website with deep content and a gorgeous design. However, your global audience are having a difficult time loading it on their computers and devices.

There are a few things that could be happening. First, your website might be too heavy with large downloadable content like images, videos, and even plugins. Second, the server hosting your website could be too far from your audience making the transmission of web page requests longer than usual. Third, your host server might be managing high volume of traffic that makes it difficult to respond to all web requests, or worse, it could be targeted by a DDoS attack, which is trying to overwhelm your host server with unwanted traffic.

Whether any one of these is the cause of the problem (or a combination of any of them) one of the better solutions is to implement a CDN strategy to help accelerate your website and give it a global reach.

CDN Strategy – The Problem with Latency

When a visitor visits your website and tries to open a web page, they are sending a web request through their computer or mobile device for access to the content.

Traditionally, these web requests are all sent to the origin server that is hosting the website itself. The origin server then responds to the request by delivering the content to the user with all its elements including HTML and CSS code with images and videos, and JavaScript files.

This will allow the web page to be rendered and consumed by the web visitor.

The problem is that, whether it is because of the high volume of traffic or the visitor not being within proximity of the origin server, it causes latency.

Latency refers to the time it takes for a web request to travel to a server and the time it takes for the server to respond and deliver the content requested. High latency means slow page loading times, which also translates to bad web experience.

CDN Strategy – How Content Delivery Network Solves Latency

Beluga CDNs provide a way to both bring content closer to your end users and distribute the load across multiple servers. CDN is a geographically distributed network of proxy servers and their data centers.

Content delivery network providers can help you do this through a series of strategically located servers around the globe, which are protected in high-level IT infrastructures in very redundant data centers.

These special servers are called Point of Presence (PoP) servers, which stores a cached version of your web pages. When a web request is made for any of the web pages, the request is sent to the nearest server within the visitor’s proximity instead of sending it to the origin server.

This significantly shortens the trip taken by the web request and it is responded to quickly by the PoP server by delivering the cached version of the requested web page to the visitor’s computer or mobile device.

Through this process, latency is solved.

CDN Strategy – What are you Getting from a Content Delivery Network Solution?

Optimized for Speed

Whether you have a small resource website or a big e-commerce site, the goal is to have your page loading as fast as it can to provide your visitors wi a good web experience. Slow loading times can lead to annoyed guests and will eventually lead to churn. CDN solutions optimize your website for speed and reduce the amount of bandwidth needed to download your page, even if it has large assets like images and videos.

Secure Against DDoS Attacks

Most CDN providers have built-in mitigating elements against DDoS attacks. From the simple fact that it has the IT infrastructure to handle the high volume of traffic, it is already designed to combat DDoS attacks. But aside from that, a lot of CDN solutions employ TSL certificates for authentication and encrypted transmissions.

Easy Implementation

A good CDN provider is also very easy to implement because they work in content management systems and platforms. Whether you are using Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, or any other CMS, your content delivery network service can be configured in minutes.

CDN Strategy from BelugaCDN

If you are looking for a CDN solution that will help you accelerate your website speed and expand your reach, BelugaCDN is the provider for you.

With CDN plans that start as low as $20 per month, you are getting one of the top CDN providers that have been in the business for more than 15 years.

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