CDN Vs Web Server: Opt for CDNs Instead

CDN vs Web Server

Any office has access to a web server. It is our gateway to the World Wide Web, and without it, we won’t know what the internet has become. On the other hand, companies nowadays do not simply rely on web servers to make sure their websites are well-composed and up and running, or in assuring that online operations go smoothly. Content delivery networks, or CDNs, were created and catered by CDN providers as the rise of the internet populace became evident. So now, let’s start the battle: CDN VS web servers. While web servers are basic units of internet access, CDN providers will tell you that access to many websites are actually thanks to the technology of CDNs. CDN hosting has become a viable means for CDN providers to not only earn, but to provide convenience for website patrons and the companies that own these websites. So in the discussion of CDN VS web servers, which one is better? Is one of them enough? Let’s discuss!

CDNs can Cache

You put up a website, in the hopes that many people will know about your enterprise and strike a business conversation with you real soon. You make sure your web server can handle many website visitors. But in the CDN VS web servers debate, one is missing a key element in helping website visitors, and that is the power to cache data. In pitting CDN VS web servers, web servers can only provide data. This provision is not supported in case the website visitor is far away, which means difficulties in traffic and bandwidth. CDN hosting, on the other hand, has a leg up in this case. CDN providers are able to link your company’s website to other parts of the globe (yes, the whole world!) through various CDN hosting-capable edge servers. These edge servers identified by your CDN providers will be linked to your home server, and then CDN hosting will do its magic. Through CDN hosting, data will be cached, or stored in multitudes, in the CDN, and website visitors closer to the CDN will be directed to the CDN instead, but will be given the same data as if the website visitor is going to the home server.

Comparing CDN VS web servers, one side shows that web servers are stuck with only one location, but CDNs are all over the world. When talking about CDN VS web servers, CDN providers will tell you to also use CDN hosting for your website, because CDN hosting will cater to many locations through CDN providers compared to a web server that will only cater to one. So in this round of CDN VS web servers, CDNs win. But the CDN VS web servers debacle has only started, and there is still a lot to be said about CDN providers.

CDNs are Flexible

In a web server, any type of data can be put into traffic: videos, images, even live streaming events. When it the data is delivered, it will be delivered as is. Problem is, not everyone has the capability to intercept that data correctly. When looking into CDN VS web servers, CDNs have a malleable quality that can be used to cater to what kind of data is being delivered, and to whom it is given. CDN hosting can be set by CDN providers so that specific data will be adjusted when requested by a specific gadget, or to adjust to the bandwidth it is being accessed through.

In the discussion of CDN VS web servers, can a web server keep the live stream as current as possible? Yes, but not necessarily for viewers in far away distances. Through CDN hosting, CDN providers will activate the edge servers to keep the cache as free as possible, so the livestream will indeed function like a stream in providing data. When talking about CDN VS web servers, how are images handled? CDN providers can turn CDN hosting specifically for image resizing, so that photos are crisp if viewed either on a cell phone, or a laptop. When talking about CDN VS web servers, CDN hosting gets the flexibility point.

In the end, just get CDN hosting. Talk to your CDN providers so that the CDN VS web servers debate is over, and your use of web servers will be improved. We at BelugaCDN would like to guide you in this discussion of CDN vs web servers, but you’ll have to make the first step in our conversation. Contact us here, and will give more input about this debate.

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