Cloud CDN Services for Faster and Global Web Experience

You do not realize it but as an Internet user, you owe your modern web experiences to content delivery networks. Compared to how websites work a few decades ago, modern websites load faster than in the past.

Cloud CDN Services

You may attribute it to faster internet services, which is partially true. But it is also because of cloud-based content delivery network (CDN) services, which is the one responsible for helping users around the world get access to the same high-quality web content without slow page loading times, regardless of location

Without cloud CDN services, the origin server, which is the one hosting the main website, have to respond to every end-user request for access to web content. Because of this, it causes heavy traffic to the origin server. With the significant load, the chances of failure increases.

CDN platforms solve that problem By providing servers around the world that can respond to requests for users that are not within geographical proximity of the origin server, it reduces the load and traffic going to the origin server, which improves the web experience for everyone.

What is Cloud CDN Services?

Cloud CDN services refer to a system of geographically distributed network of servers that re responsible for delivering web pages and other types of web content to a user based on the user’s location, the origin server of website, and the CDN server.

For websites that are looking for a global reach, this is the perfect solution. Cloud CDN service is very effective in increasing the speed of web content delivery for websites that expect heavy traffic and a global audience.

When a user is close to a CDN server, the wen content they requested for will be delivered much faster.

How Cloud CDNs Work?

Cloud CDN services have a network of servers called point of presence (PoP) servers in data centers around the globe. These PoP servers store a cached version of your website content. This means there is a copy of your web pages in different servers around the world.

When a web visitor makes a request for access to a certain web page, these requests will be directed to the most optimally-located PoP server and it will be the one to respond to the request instead of having it directed to the origin server, which will only add to the significant load it is already handling.

The PoP server then delivers the cached or pre-saved version of the web page to the web visitor’s device including all components like HTML, CSS, images, Javascript files, and even video.

Through this process, users are given a faster and better web experience due to close proximity to PoP servers and the reduced load on the origin server.

What are the Benefits of Cloud CDN Servers?

Faster and Better Website Performance

CDNs are able to give your website the boost it needs to provide its visitors around the globe the best and fastest web experience possible. It doesn’t matter where in the world the visitor is, what browser they are using, or from what device they are requesting access from, a high-performance cloud CDN service will help your web pages and images render faster, and videos load faster without buffering. This will help your visitors stay engaged and let you reduce churn.

Always Available Web Content

Without cloud CDN services, the origin server will take the brunt of traffic and requests. If the traffic and requests are too much for the server, it will eventually lead to failure, which will take your site down with it. If your business is reliant on its website, this is a big No-No.

Fortunately, cloud CDN services ease the load on the origin server so that your website and its content remain accessible to visitors even in situations like high traffic volume, and server outages.

Security from DDoS Attacks

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks is becoming more common. The worse part is that DDoS attacks are usually launched to divert your attention while a more harmful attack cause damage to your system.

Fortunately, cloud CDN services are also helping you secure your website against these types of attack. It has extensive defensive measures implemented to combat many forms of cyberattacks against your website including using TLS certificates to protect against DDoS attacks.

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