Fastest CDN for WordPress

Fast WordPress CDN

It is no secret that most web developers prefer to use Wordpress as the content management system of their present and future websites.

It is not hard to see why. This free and open-source CMS is so easy to use that even non-developers can operate it as well. With an abundance of different themes, people with no web development experience can easily navigate the dashboard and come up with a half-decent website by the end of the day.

If that is not enough, most website hosting services make it even easier for users by offering direct ways to install and connect your domain to WordPress even if it is so easy to manually install and configure it by yourself.

In addition, SEOs also love this CMS. Aside from ease-of-use, websites using WordPress are pretty easy to optimize as well. It also has a lot of plugins and tools to help you optimize your website some more for Google.

Of course, all these would be for naught if your website is slow loading especially in places that are not within the proximity of your host origin server.

If that happens, all your effort to make your website beautiful will be for naught and nothing in WordPress can solve your problem.

What you can do is use the fastest CDN for Wordpress to accelerate your web pages’ loading speed and extend its reach.

Fast WordPress CDN &ndsh; Content Delivery Network Definition

Before we proceed to determine the fastest CDN for WordPress, let us define what Content Delivery Network or CDN is first.

CDNs refer to a type of third-party service that aims to solve the problem of latency. You see, latency is the time it takes for a web page to load from the time a web visitor requests access to it.

Traditionally, the farther you are from the host origin server, the higher the latency because of the long transmission travel from the device of the user to the host of the website and vice versa.

With strategically located servers, called Point of Presence (PoP) servers, however, CDN providers are able to solve the problem of latency. By sending the web page request to the nearest PoP server instead of the host server, transmission travel is shortened significantly.

The PoP server then serves a cached version of the web page to the device.

Through this process, the web requests have a shorter distance to travel and the host server is not encumbered with too much traffic.

Fastest CDN for WordPress – BelugaCDN combines Functionality and Affordability

As one of the top CDN providers in the world, BelugaCDN recognizes that WordPress is an integral part of the web developer’s arsenal. That is why their CDN solution is very compatible with this beloved CMS.

Advanced Functionality

There are a lot of features that can be used in conjunction with WordPress like these:

Time to Live (TTL)

This refers to the amount of time a particular data is cached on the PoP server. BelugaCDn allows users to configure the whole solution so that the TTL is matched with the amount of traffic that they expect will come to the website for a specific time interval. This allows you to customize the content you want to be delivered at specific times then get rid of old content that is no longer relevant after the time frame.

Origin Path

BelugaCDN also allows you to set different paths where we page elements can be pulled. All these will be merged on the PoP server. This allows you to rely on more than just one path for data travel, which can reduce congestion of your transmissions.

Purge Cache

BelugaCDN also allows you to purge your cache of all website content. By doing this, you are freeing up significant space on your PoP servers.


BelugaCDN has PoP servers in the Middle East, Asia, and South America, and not just in the US and Europe, which greatly extends the reach of your website. In addition, we also optimize your content and support compression for faster delivery even with limited bandwidth.


There are many who will claim to be the fastest CDN for WordPress, but few can compete with the combination of functionality, reliability, and affordability from BelugaCDN.

For as low as $20 per month, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of having a CDN service support your website for faster load speed and farther reach.

For a free trial, go to now.

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