How to Setup A CDN For Your Joomla Website

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There is a fascinating rationale as to why web pages load quicker on big websites. Sure, they have top-notch servers, but they also use a universally circulated grid called a CDN, short for content delivery network.

So, what is a CDN? A CDN is a physically spread group of servers that work in harmony to provide cyberspace content's fast conveyance. This network is used for web content services, notably Free CDN for Joomla.

The reason why is using a CDN is so ingenious is that each web user copies the data from the closest server position in the CDN. In today’s market, there are various types of CDNs available. Some are for static files such as images only, and others can even accommodate pictures and video clips.

We basically have two types, namely, Push and Pull CDNs. With a Push CDN, you are required to commence the file transmission, or otherwise, it won’t ensue. There is another kind called Pull CDN, which doesn’t need any instigation to duplicate the web server's files.

Some of these CDNs are free, and some are given at a premium. This discussion will look at how you add a free CDN for Joomla, how websites behave with and without a CDN, and plenty more besides.

How do you add a Free CDN for Joomla?

We have mentioned the two types of CDN for static content; Push and Pull CDNs. Both of these CDNs have their benefits depending on how the website they are employed in is set up.

The Pull network is the one that is mostly the Free CDN for Joomla websites and also the best for Joomla as well. This is because it does not require a lot of initial setup configurations and maintenance.

Setting Up the Account

To add the free CDN for Joomla, you will begin selecting a CDN service provider and creating an account with them. This can come at a premium or be free, depending on the service provider.

This will be followed by establishing a Domain naming system (DNS) as you go through the service provider's guidelines. Once the redirects to your CDN account, it means you are all set up.

Copying Images for Your CDN Account

After completing the CDN and DNS account configuration, you need to select images from your personal domain, for instance,, to your CDN account that is

You can manage this by changing all your image URLs manually, but this is a tiresome and time-consuming procedure. For this purpose, you can save time and select the Joomla CDN plugin. This Plugin can not only automatically change the links to your images but also those of CSS and JavaScript.

Some of the CDN plugins include the possibility of specifying the file types that should be redrafted while consenting to the use of numerous CDNs at once. You can also easily turn your Free CDN for Joomla on and off using a plugin like this.

Using A Website With & Without A CDN

We first need to make some assumptions:

  • The user (endpoint) is requesting from London, United Kingdom.
  • The request server is housed in Los Angeles.
  • There is a CDN server in Frankfurt, Germany.

Using A Website Without CDN

  • The browsing tool connects to the server located in Los Angeles and asks for the HTML.
  • The server responds from Los Angeles back to the browsing tool.
  • The browsing tool requests the Los Angeles server for CSS, JavaScript, and images.
  • The server responds by sending the CSS, JavaScript, and image links.

Using A Website With CDN

  • The browsing tool connects to the server located in Los Angeles and asks for the HTML.
  • The browser receives the HTML from Los Angeles
  • The browser is now notified that the CSS, JavaScript, and image links are in German and requests for them from there.
  • The German CDN sends CSS, JavaScript, and image links.

As you can perceive, the distance moved by the CDN and website combination contrasts to where there is no CDN is shorter. This means that it will take less time for the former to process content.

Final Thought

To sum it all up, when you have a Joomla website, it is vital to employ CDN account services as we have seen above. Selecting the service provider comes down to preference and if the account has premiums.

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