How a Simple CDN Can Improve Your Website

Simple CDN

When was the last time you assessed how quickly your website loads? Are you aware that Peter in New Zealand may experience a drastically different load time than, say, Peter in Chicago? Depending on where your host origin and website users are, accessing your website may not hold the same experience for everyone. And when you’re serious about building bankable digital rapport, this isn’t something you’d want. If this is something you’d like to work on, a simple CDN usually does the trick.

The CDN market is growing. If anything, business leaders and website managers have never had these many options. CDN providers are now a dime a dozen. As a matter of fact, there’s also a really high chance the most suitable provider for you is a cheap CDN. Over are the days when you’d have to mull over whether or not you should invest in CDN for your site. While a lot of consideration still benefits you in the long run, cheap CDN makes this decision more suitable for more people.

Can simple CDN solutions really up my website game?

In a heartbeat, the answer is yes. For you to fully appreciate how a simple CDN can change your website performance, you have to understand where and how your web content works. Every site has a host origin that’s based in one part of the world. Needless to say, when your site’s users are near your web host origin, they’re more likely to enjoy better coverage and faster browsing compared to your international users. Say, your website is hosted by an origin host in Texas. Logically, your visitors from New Mexico and Louisiana won’t have a challenging time loading your web pages in full in no time. But what about those in Sydney? Or Africa? Or Singapore?

A simple CDN helps eliminate lagging because web content can be stored in CDN providers’ many Points of Presence. Depending on the provider you sign up with, they could have servers in regions and countries you’d want to store your content in. Cheap CDN or otherwise, the concept is pretty direct: CDNs store web data in their many servers so a site’s users will no longer have to obtain web content from a host origin. This can delay loading times and potentially let a website crash. No web host origin is meant to accommodate thousands and millions of a site’s visitors simultaneously. This is precisely why CDN providers now host more than half of the internet. These servers cache website data and distribute them to global users accordingly.

When should I start shopping for CDN providers?

Technically, you can shop for CDN providers anytime you’d like. But to actually buy CDN, you’d want to consider a few things first. There are many reasons a simple CDN can benefit your site and they may differ depending on which industry your website or business belongs in.

For example, if your website is growing drastically and your traffic is heavier by the day, know that a regular server just won’t cut it anymore. Unless you sign up with cheap CDN, you can bet your website is bound to suffer a crash. Again, web host origins aren’t built to cater to thousands and millions of users all at once.

Another reason for you to get CDN is if most of your media is composed of static content and large files. Data like these can drag your site. Scripts, large images, CSS; times like these can prevent your website from loading in full right away. If you manage a Digital publication or a vibrant blog, signing up with a cheap CDN can be a good start. A simple CDN can go a long way.

If you’re starting to build an international market, getting a CDN can help, too. Remember that the markets you’d like to penetrate may be on the other side of the world. You can’t expect them to find shopping in your site a breezy experience if it takes forever. The financial aspect can be scary, too. Image a global customer making a purchase only for unsecured web data to get in the way. Their bank details could be compromised and your brand could lose credibility. Even a simple CDN offers several layers of protection.

Why a cheap CDN could be best for your website

The CDN community is vibrant and pricing schemes may differ. The very services your site could get from an expensive CDN could be extended by cheaper CDN providers, too. Consider rates before inking a deal.

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