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CDN Free Plan

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Nowadays, any website that doesn’t load quickly loses. Whether you be a digital retail store or a digital publication, any site that isn’t user-friendly and speedy enough takes the backseat. Because of this reality, Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) have been on the rise. The cloud content delivery platform has become so crucial in serving internet users that CDNs now take care of more than 50% of the online space. As a result, web developers are turning to CDN free plans to find out which provider really does meet their website needs best.

There are plenty of components a business and website should consider when looking at CDN providers. Although the search and utilization of cheap CDN have increased in the past couple of years, some businesses argue that the technology many affordable CDN providers extend don’t meet their targets. Still, cheap CDN has been a go-to solution for many startups and medium-scale businesses. This is also precisely why a CDN helps business leaders make up their minds.

This particular article is going to explore the benefits of signing up with CDN providers, how a free CDN plan can narrow down your CDN selection, and how cheap CDN could be the best for your site.

Free CDN Plans by BelugaCDN

Free CDN Plans

What Do I Get Out of A CDN Free Plan?

Several CDN providers offer a CDN free plan, but the services they extend are limited. Here at BelugaCDN, you can score a free trial for an entire month so feel free to take advantage of that, too. Typically, a free CDN plan consists of the basics such as compression, caching, image optimization, mini faction, and global reach. The last feature, however, depends on which locations your CDN provider is present in.

While all these features are impressive—they are free, after all—they’re great for personal blogs and websites only. Websites that cater to hundreds and thousands of people all at once benefit more from paid CDN providers. A CDN plan isn’t going to be advantageous to e-commerce websites, as well. When your website’s main function is to sell items and services, you’re better off with cheap CDN as opposed to a free CDN plan.

It’s also important to note that a CDN free plan may not come with DDoS protection. This can be harmful not just to your website, but to your overall brand. When you relay your web content and allow for them to be stored in various servers all around the globe, the last thing you’d want is for your web data to be compromised. A free CDN plan may not consistently offer data protection, so factor that in, too.

Which Provider Offers the Best CDN Free Plan?

There are plenty of CDN providers that offer a CDN free plan. The question now becomes which provider offers the best. There are a ton of possible answers, but the best way to properly go about this is by breaking down what specific aspects make the best CDN.

For this particular blog post, we’re discussing why signing up for a Free CDN plan can help you find the right provider and what your biggest clue is on when it’s the right time to buy CDN.

What’s the Best Free CDN?

There are dozens of CDN providers that extend basic CDN services. As a matter of fact, a quick Google-search will instantly reveal several listicles, citing in religious detail, which services outweigh the other. Still, before diving right into provider specifics, let’s define exactly what the best CDN is. After all, only then will you be able to tell what the wisest free CDN plan is your website specifically.

To begin, know that CDN providers are just as varied as the many businesses there are. Many are medium-scaled and several, too, are in the tenured department. That being established, there are a few non-negotiable factors one should always consider when looking for the best Free CDN plan or just CDN in general.

Responsive Client Services Team

When you sign up with a provider, know that they’ll be in charge of distributing much of your web content—something incredibly valuable to any entrepreneur and website owner. As a result, you’ll need a provider that can take accountability, and the closest group of people to respond to that responsibility is a provider’s customer service team. Look for CDN company that not only gives out terrific free CDN plans, but also responsive client services. Find out the hours you can contact them and determine what level of access and help a free CDN plan can afford you.

Up-to-date functionality

There are a lot of CDN providers that offer good deals, but don’t entirely have advanced technology. Find a provider that includes SSL, IPv6, and HTTP/2 features in a free CDN. Your website needs more than just distribution. It deserves to be distributed in the best way it can be. And the aforementioned components are terrific basic deals that get the job done with ease.


The very purpose of a CDN is to reduce latency, so this is perhaps one of the first things you need to check. Once you know where your digital markets are, find a provider that have locations where your site needs to perform at its most optimal. The best CDN only becomes the best if it meets many of your business’ personal needs. If you’re from London and you have a growing audience in Australia, for example, look for a provider that has a data center in the country. This is also the very reason why people buy CDN to start with—so they can be closer to the markets they serve.


If it’s expensive, it has to be the best. Right? Not exactly. Again, what makes the best CDN the best isn’t completely based on how large and popular a provider is. There are hundreds of leading CDN providers that don’t fully benefit small companies and startups because of the prices they offer. Find a provider that’s transparent with their rates. Currently, the CDN market offers custom contracts and pay-per-usage. Both are good in many ways, but paying only for what you use is often the best deal for small businesses and thriving startups.

Real-time Statistics

Although not as major of a necessity, being able to track your statistics real-time provides amazing insight as to how your website fairs on the internet. Here in BelugaCDN, you can very much access that at any given time of the day on any day!

Why Cheap CDN Is the Solution?

If your company budget is limited, it would be a smarter move to utilize cheap CDN over a free one. When you pay for these services, you get better accountability. Every business leader is aware of how it’s only fair to expect that you get what you pay for. When you don’t pay for CDN services, it would be odd to demand premium perks.

At present, there are two commercial ways CDN providers go about pricing: custom contracts and per-usage arrangements. While the first one benefits many companies and solopreneurs, the second pricing scheme is the better deal to many entrepreneurs simply because the pay-per-usage method promises a more transparent billing rationale. Whereas one doesn’t entirely know how much they’re going to be billed until they sign up with a CDN provider that generates only custom contracts, pay-per-usage CDN fees are searchable online. They’re more transparent and they’re a lot easier to budget, simply because you know, right off the bat, how much the fees are.

When you’re new to the whole CDN concept, going only for credible CDN providers is understandable. It’s always easy to believe that something is popular mostly because they’re the best. But when you dig deeper and do your research, you’ll find out that cheap CDN can very much compete with leading CDN providers, too.

When looking for CDN providers, don’t just check out which the tenured, more established ones are. Determine which locations your website will need to be strongest in and find out which providers have Points of Presence in these areas. Many times, cheap CDN providers have data centers in your countries and regions, too. Don’t be easily swayed by how many data centers the bigger players have. You’re not going to need every single one of them, anyway. Here’s our list of locations.


A CDN free plan for the entire duration of your subscription may not be the best for your site as customer service and accountability may be limited. Here in BelugaCDN, we offer a Free CDN plan for a month so you can gauge how we perform with and on your website. At the end of the day, what matters most is you find a provider that not only meets your needs, but complements your budget as well. CDN providers shouldn’t rip you off. On the contrary, providers are tasked, through speed and other optimal website features, to make sure you get your ROI as soon as you can. Find a provider with the components above and assess how their free CDN plan goes. If you’re impressed, don’t hesitate to sign up!

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