Best CDN for Website

CDN for Website

Having a beautiful website is no longer enough these days. In fact, these gorgeous design elements like video and images can become liabilities to your website instead of assets.

You may be asking why your beautiful design can be a liability. Yes, images and videos help your website increase visitor engagement and retention. However, for that to happen, you need to get them to see it first.

The problem is that images and videos are usually large downloadable files. When a web request to access the page is sent by a visitor, loading these images and videos can take a while if the visitor is not within the proximity of the host origin server.

As a result, web visitors experience slow loading times, which in turn makes it a bad web experience. This leads to the web visitor leaving or churning from your website.

But what can you do to solve this problem without sacrificing the great design of your website? The answer is simple. You need the best CDN for websites.

What is Website Content Delivery Network?

Content delivery network for websites or CDN is all about solving the problem of latency. Latency is the length of time it takes for a web page to load after a web visitor sends a request to access that specific web page.

If the visitor is near the proximity of the host origin server, there usually too much problem because the web request’s travel is pretty short. Unless there is too much traffic to handle, the host origin server should be able to deliver the content of the web page immediately.

The problem is when the web visitor is located halfway around the globe. The web requests take a while to reach the webserver and the content has to travel the same distance as well.

Content delivery networks shorten that distance through strategically located servers around the globe. Instead of having to travel to the host origin server, the web requests are instead sent to the nearest CDN server.

The CDN server will then respond to the web request and deliver the content of the web page requested.

How Do website CDN Servers Work?

CDN servers are able to deliver a copy of the web page requested by storing a cached copy of the website’s web pages within.

This includes all the components of the page like HTML, CSS code, images, videos, and JavaScript files.

Once a web request is received by the CDN server, it will respond to the request by delivering these components and files needed to render the web page.

What this accomplishes is that it shortens the transmission time of web request and content delivery and it reduces the traffic burden of the host origin server because web requests are no longer primarily sent to it. With multiple servers, no one server is overburdened with traffic.

What are the Advantages of CDN?

By getting CDN services for your website, you are giving it several advantages over other websites. This includes

Searchable in Google

Fast load speed is a critical ranking factor in Google. Combined with good content and relevant referring domains, your website is poised to be ranked higher than your competitors in your niche.

Reliable and High Performing Website

By spreading out the traffic, not one server is overburdened. This means the chances of web failure is also minimal. In addition, CDNs optimize your web pages not only for it to load faster but to also consume less bandwidth when loading.

Security Against DDoS Attacks

The top CDN providers have different tools built in to combat DDoS and other forms of web attacks. BelugaCDN supports all 5 major TLS extensions. This includes HTTP/2, OCSP Stapling, Dynamic record sizing, ALPN, and Perfect forward secrecy, which are used to authenticate traffic.

Accessibility on Mobile Devices

Aside from extending your reach globally, BelugaCDN also employs IPV4/IPV6 dual-stack network to ensure that web pages will not only be delivered to traditional endpoints like computers and laptops but will also load fast on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Best CDN for Website with Flexible Plans and Pricing

What separates BelugaCDN from the other top CDN providers is their low plans and pricing that gives your budget a lot of flexibility.

Starting at just $20 per month, your website can start enjoying the perks of having a CDN assist in delivering your content to a wider audience.

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