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What is website hosting?

It is the space allocation on the internet for any website or webpage data. Websites need space to store its content which can be in any form according to the nature of website. Usually the data is text, images, videos, databases or website architecture itself. To put it simply, website hosting, also known as domain hosting is a space where you can place your website with all its data so that it can be accessed.

Website Hosting

Now you may think where exactly is my website placed on the internet. That’s pretty much in everyone’s mind if you are new to the concept. Basically, your website is placed on a server. Which can be described as a computer placed anywhere in the world. Whenever someone intends to access your website, there are virtually connecting to the server holding your website through authorization and associated services. So yes, the website you actually spend your day scrolling lives and breathes on a computer.

Achieving the Best Website Hosting Experience

The world of website hosting or domain hosting is huge. But there are some hosting providers who stand out because of their secured servers and competitive pricing and earning the title of world’s fastest and cheapest CDN and website hosting service. We will talk about it at the end of this article.

Why need a best website hosting provider?

Just like you look for a reliable place for your family to live. Confused? Let me help you understand. What we actually mean by a reliable place to live, is determined on our priorities. They can be different for everyone but there are still a few things we all need. The first one is security; we all need a secured place which has minimum threats. In the cyber world threats can be stealing data, unauthorized access, injecting scripts and even manipulating with your visitor’s data. Of course, nobody would want it. The second important factor in domain hosting is its uptime and speed. We would never want our visitors to turn back because your website took too much time to load or your server is down for maintenance. It is important to note while servers need maintenance just like any other machine, but this should not happen often specially not at all in peak hours, we need to find such website hosting where host provider guarantee minimum down time. Last but not the least, comes the itching part, the cost. Pricing for domain hosting provider varies according to the domain hosting provider. Usually it depends on the features and services they are offering. While pricing may be a primary factor in choosing the right website hosting provider for you but you should not compromise on the important features we have discussed.

Benefits of using CDN hosting over website hosting

A content delivery network (CDN) is a group of servers distributed geographically over different locations in order to deliver internet content efficiently.

While majority of the internet traffic runs through CDN even for major sites like Netflix, Amazon and Facebook but not all domain hosting providers offers built-in CDN. Usually CDN is a separate service but there are some very reliable CDN hosting providers which are not only cost effective but one of the best out there. One such website hosting provider is BelugaCDN, which is a lot more pocket friendly than all of its major competitors offering even better technological infrastructure than ever.

BelugaCDN website hosting comes with a built-in content delivery network giving you primary benefits like

  • Reduction in bandwidth costs through cache optimizations
  • Content availability and redundancy because of the distributed nature
  • Website load time greatly increased using visitor’s nearest server
  • Improving web security by many folds by providing DDoS mitigation

BelugaCDN: Fast website hosting service

The benefits of regular domain hosting and CDN built-in domain hosting is explained in brief, but for those keen to learn more in detail about how CDN is efficient and how does it works we recommend you reading this elaborate article on content delivery networks.

BelugaCDN has really came a long way becoming world’s fastest and cheapest CDN. Which means you don’t have to compromise on speed, reliability, security all of what is necessary but wait, must be too expensive right? Well, not only it is not expensive it is literally the cheapest.

Here is a comparison in prices between BelugaCDN and a popular domain hosting provider.

Fascinated much? If you are just planning on hosting your first website start with Baby Beluga or get the Monster if you need to upgrade. Either way you will experience a seamless transition, amazing technical support and furiously fast experience.