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What are web hosting services?

Web hosting services allows organizations or businesses to place their website on the internet.If you are planning to make a debut in internet world or reading this article to know why web hosting services are the most talked about topic in the website domain, you need to read it till the end.

web hosting services

All You Need to Know About Web Hosting Services

You might be familiar with the term website design or website development. Someone who has a comparatively limited knowledge about technicalities involving website deployment thinks the only thing to get your website up and running is brainstorming over a catchy website design and hire a great developer. But that is not all!

Let me explain this to you in simple terms. After you have developed your website, you need a place on the internet to deploy your website and put all the website data and content somewhere on the internet where it is accessible to your visitors. This place is hosting, and all these placement related services are called web hosting services. According to website.com article on web hosting services, a web hosting service is a service which provides all the technologies and services needed for a website to go online.

Why do we need a website hosting service?

Someone might wonder why do we need a website hosting service if it is just space on the internet, we want to place our website on? Why not just search ‘free space on the internet’? Well, website hosting is not that simple buddy. It is worthy to note here, by placing a website on the internet, we literally mean buying a storage space and putting a website with all its data and content. Now let us explain how we get storage space on the internet.

Just visualize internet space as a huge network inter connected with millions of physical servers placed on different geographical locations. These servers are like the computers we see every day, just for the sake of basic understanding, with memory units, storage devices, network connectivity, ports etc. When we talk about getting a space for our website or getting website hosting, we actually want to buy some storage space on one of these servers.

Now that we know what a virtual space looks like. It is easier for us to understand why we need web hosting services. Yes, it acts like a real estate agent who will find land according to your various requirements so that you can build your home, the only difference is that web hosting services find space for you in the virtual world.

There are quite a few website hosting providers out there who can confuse you with geeky terms to get their services, but we will not let that happen to you if you stick to the end. We will recommend the best web hosting services provider to you which is not only the cheapest, but also the fastest

Web Hosting Services that needed to get your website up and running

While web hosting services are not the only services you will need to place your website on the internet, it certainly is the fundamental part of website deployment. We have talked about how website hosting works, now let us help you understand what are the steps leading towards final website deployment.

  • Website design
  • Website development
  • Domain and website hosting

 Website design: The design is the initial stage in this process. Clients usually focus on the look and feel of their website, their branding requirements and every apparent reason they can think of. This process is mainly done by website design experts, graphic designers or aesthetic experts. After several thorough brainstorming sessions with all the stakeholders, a final draft is achieved.

● Website development: Now the final draft of website design is coded in a language a machine can understand. This is strictly a technical job performed by a web developer. All the user functional requirements and design requirements are kept into consideration before a final product is ready for deployment.

 Domain and website hosting: Now this is the part where all your hard work pays off. The domain is just like an address. When your website visitors want to access your website, they will enter that domain name. To help you better understand this, domain and website hosting services work closely with each other. Your domain is the address and website hosting is the physical space on a server.

If your domain is the address, and hosting is the space your website is placed on, so you might be thinking the only smart way is to find a web hosting provider which is very fast, and is flexible to adjust to your budget requirements? The answer to your question is BelugaCDN.

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