WordPress CDN Provider
23 Jan

Top 5 WordPress CDN Providers 2021

Have you seen superfast websites on Google and wondered what they do to achieve higher rankings? It is not magic. They have the service of one of the best WordPress CDN providers. It is time to compete favorably and stand out among the millions of websites contending for users’ attention. It’s a brainer. Quality content

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Website Speed
27 Nov


WHY YOU SHOULD USE A CDN TO IMPROVE YOUR WEBSITE SPEED In this day and age where people want everything fast, they don’t have the patience for slow-loading websites. Thus, if you maintain a website, you must keep your audience happy by ensuring that they get their information quickly. Users will close the browser or

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What does CDN stand for
20 Sep

What does CDN stand for? And other CDN-related questions

For this article, we’re answering the questions, “what does CDN stand for?”, “What is CDN?”, “How does a CDN work?”, and “why do I need a CDN?” One thing that’s taking over the tech world now is CDNs. A CDN or Content Delivery Network is a well-apportioned series of servers that help improve web page

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CDN Definition
19 Sep


HOW KNOWING THE CDN DEFINITION AND ALL STUFF CDN MIGHT JUST BE ABLE TO HELP YOU Indeed, the consumption of media has grown tenfold today and businesses are living for it. Whether it’s incorporating videos in an advertorial or including relevant pop culture photos in a blog post for it to get more likes, entrepreneurs

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CDN Meaning
18 Sep


THE CDN MEANING AND OTHER RELATED TECH STUFF If you’ve never heard of the IT jargon “CDN” before, consider this your lucky day. Once you find out what the CDN meaning is, it becomes pretty clear what aspect in the tech world, this caters to. CDN or Content Delivery Network is an interdependent infrastructure of

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AppValley VIP App Customer Spotlight
19 Feb

AppValley VIP Application

The ability to host a ton of downloadable content, and also ensure speed of delivery, is key to the success of companies like AppValley.vip (a third party iOS App Store that hosts and distributes apps outside of Apple’s AppStore). With the hundreds of apps they host and allow users to download directly from their site,

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15 Sep

Customer Spotlight: AirVuz.com

In 2017, users bounce if content takes more than 3 seconds to load. So if you are delivering high-bandwidth content like streaming video, you need a CDN to make that happen in all geographical locations, all of the time. Not only that, but you need one that is easy to set up, has strong, available

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07 Aug

Customer Spotlight: ClutchPrep.com

Speed of video streaming is absolutely essential to a company providing on-demand video tutorials for college students. We’re talking about Clutchprep, an education company that helps college students pass their classes with a series of online video courses. Videos match actual college textbooks, so they are meaty in content and large in bandwidth. With several

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Cheaper CDN
11 Jul

Here’s Why We’re Cheaper Than Your Current CDN

Fast internet is the future. Quick loading times, instant video streaming and an intuitive UI aren’t just nice to have. They are essential. As consumers firmly embrace the digital world, our habits are morphing. We research products online, shop on our phones and consume branded content at home and on the go. By this stage

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Video Hosting Service
11 Jul

Is Your Video Delivery Strategy Costing You Customers?

High quality digital video is an integral part of our lives. We watch it on our phones, tablets and laptops, in sickness and in health, to the tune of one hour and sixteen minutes a day. It’s a powerful tool. Before the rise of digital media, video belonged to businesses with big marketing budgets. Today,

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