Top 5 WordPress CDN Providers 2020

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Have you seen superfast websites on Google and wondered what they do to achieve higher rankings? It is not magic. They have the service of one of the best WordPress CDN providers.

It is time to compete favorably and stand out among the millions of websites contending for users’ attention.

It’s no brainer. Quality content and faster page loads to user requests are the two top-notch elements that will endow you with merit to high traffic by increasing your search engine rankings. What else do you need?

WordPress CDN Provider

Take your WordPress website to the next level by ranking high. There is no shortcut, but the means is straightforward. Getting the best content delivery network (CDN) is one of the key elements you need to have the job done.

Here is Why You Need a CDN for Your WordPress website

A CDN is the means to ensure your content reaches your audience faster. A WordPress CDN serves cached content on the servers to your users speeding up your website. Irrespective of the geographical location of your users, they will access the content faster and quickly.

A WordPress CDN uses cloud servers to store and deliver content to your users at their pleasure.

Here is a list of top 5 WordPress CDN providers of 2020:

1. Cloudflare

If you are starting up or have a small website, you can get started with Cloudflare’s free package. You can later subscribe to a paid package. The free package misses great features available only in paid plans and has limited DDoS protection.

The Pros

  1. Easy to setup
  2. A large network of global CDN servers
  3. Automatic caching
  4. User-friendly dashboard
  5. Free plan

The Cons

  1. Not the most affordable
  2. Most features require a paid plan
  3. No malware scanning and detection
  4. No guarantee for malware removal

2. Sucuri

Sucuri features in the top list of web security companies. Its WordPress firewall is powerful, and its CDN impeccable in protecting your websites against WordPress vulnerabilities, malware, and DDoS attacks.

Its application firewall can detect and filter out vulnerabilities because it scans all requests from users before the request reaches the server hosting your files and can block DDoS attacks, malware injections, and spam.

Sucuri’s global anycast network serves users with fast servers. Its firewall has a two-fold benefit of both security and speed.

The Pros

Comprehensive website monitoring

  1. Malware scanning
  2. Malware removal
  3. Free SSL for the basic plan

The Cons

No free plan

3. MaxCDN

Most WordPress pros rank MaxCDN as the best and most reliable WordPress CDN choice available in the market. Its worldwide servers run on SSD drivers that make them incredibly fast.

Installing and setting up MaxCDN in WordPress is very easy.

It is easy to integrate MaxCDN with WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache, well-known, and widely used WordPress caching plugins.

The Pros

  1. User-friendly interface
  2. Comprehensive reports
  3. Purge cache
  4. Beginner-friendly
  5. Affordable for starters with a one-month trial
  6. Variety of packages

The Cons

No free plan

4. Incapsula

Incapsula focuses on business solutions seeking to improve website performance speeds and security. It’s a cloud solution that banks on strategically located global CDN servers to power website performance and speeds. It also supports DDoS protection and failovers, carefully maintaining traffic balancing.

Its caching technology is a dependable solution for website speeds to improve user experiences. In addition to caching static data, Incapsula can also deliver dynamic data that can be cached via its powerful artificial intelligence algorithms.

The Pros

  1. Almost impenetrable for DDoS attacks
  2. Custom packages

The Cons

Quite expensive for starters

5. KeyCDN

KeyCDN is another popular WordPress CDN provider that supports WordPress websites. It has a powerful dashboard, fast SSD servers, reliable API support, free and customer SSL, and can address DDoS attacks.

The Pros

  1. Easy to set up and configure
  2. Easy monitoring
  3. Good for starters at a minimum of $4/month

The Cons

  1. It’s pay as you go plan can pose budgetary challenges
  2. Increased costs from unexpected traffic growth

Benefits of WordPress CDN

Whether you already have a WordPress CDN or are planning to have one, here are some benefits of WordPress CDN providers you should know:

More Security

You are not benefitting only from faster page loads. The security of your website will also improve with a CDN. CDNs providers offer additional security by permitting you to implement web application firewalls (WAF) handy in neutralizing DDoS attacks directed to your WordPress website.

Improved Speed

A WordPress CDN will cache your static website files and some cacheable dynamic assets in its servers and serve them at the request of your website users, further improving your website speed and the overall user experience.

Cost Savings

Don’t let bandwidth costs overwhelm you. A WordPress CDN will help cut off the burden of strain on hosting resources and CPU curbing traffic loads from slowing your host. It will also assist you in cutting down the costs of your bandwidth expenditures, and you can spend less and save more. Getting a CDN is an exit strategy from huge bandwidth hosting bills.

Rank High on Search Engines

A CDN can improve your website speed, which is a key consideration in search engine ranking. Better search engine rankings will induce search engine algorithms to prioritize your website for matching search terms. Google loves fast sites, and that means excellent search engine visibility and seamless traffic to your website.

Examples of CDN

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